5G, LIMA Compliance and Network Management products

Commercial 5G networks have launched on all continents. Over 200 MNO’s worldwide are investing in 5G and are preparing to launch 5G services in 2019 and 2020. It is expected that most countries will have access to 5G services next year, providing the latest technology and high-speed connectivity to millions of people.

As your architects in safety and intelligence, Group 2000 is investing substantially in 5G development. We are working with all industry-leading network vendors. As a result, our LIMA Compliance and Network Management products integrate with any 5G network.


We have several large deployments on 5G networks, already processing data with speeds of tens of GB’s per seconds. Our LIMA Network Protect prevents 5G networks from overload situations, ensuring network availability and thus critical communications for first responders and law enforcement agencies.

Group 2000 is fully informed on the 3GPP and ETSI specifications with respect to the 5G standards.
We will remain compliant with all relevant standards for Lawful Interception and Lawful Disclosure.

NFV, SDN and Lawful Interception

Network Function Virtualization and Software-Defined Networking are developments in standalone 5G networks that come with high expectations. Network functions are being virtualized so they can be run in software on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. This significantly reduces cost, space for equipment and power consumption. MNO’s clearly benefit from fast and easy deployment when they need to scale up.


SDN enables centralized management and control of the virtualized network functions.Due to the dynamic nature of NFV and SDN, significant complexity is added to the Lawful Interception function in a standalone 5G network. Progress of NFV standardization by ETSI is closely monitored.

Lawful Interception and Lawful Disclosure for IoT

Internet of Things is about connecting more and more devices to a (mobile) network. MNO’s have deployed LTE-M, NB-IOT or LoRa networks to provide the connectivity. Even though these networks make use of existing 4G/5G infrastructure, they are accessible only to M2M devices, that are using (e-)simcards to be authenticated by the network. It is on these dedicated networks that companies are utilizing M2M solutions to monitor their assets for maintenance, performance and security reasons.

With more devices getting connected and communicating, monitoring solutions for Lawful Interception are in demand. Law Enforcement Agencies need to gather information from increasingly more sources while investigating criminal activities.


Group 2000’s LIMA solutions for Lawful Interception and Lawful Disclosure integrate with any IoT network, mediate the intercepted traffic and perform the handover to any LEMF (Law Enforcement Monitoring facility). Intercepted data is retained in and disclosed from secure and scalable LIMA databases. With additional solutions for Lawful Interception, for example LIMA LBS, we provide detailed location information, adding even more value to intercepted data. With over four decades of experience in legislative and CSP business, Group 2000 delivers affordable, high quality and easy to deploy Lawful Interception solutions for both cellular and IoT networks.

30% of the Global Top 50 CSP’s have deployed our LIMA solutions and rate us with a 9 out of 10 for customer satisfaction. Follow this link to request more information