Group 2000 passes ISO 27001 certification with flying colors

Author: Lee-Anne van Harte, Director Services at Group 2000

A few of the most important factors of our organization is based on hard work, dedication, and trust. All of our stakeholders must rely on the fact that there interests are covered by us in a professional and secured matter.

Although security has always been a top priority within our company, we all also understood the importance of making sure that an independent auditor as well could confirm that we had a strong Information Security Management System (ISMS) in place.

So that’s why we decided to set up ISO 27001:2013 as this well known world-wide standard is quite clear and we see a forever growing demand from our customers and relations to meet this specific standard.

For those who are not too familiar with the standard, a company can decide on how broad or narrow their ISMS scope will be for certification. So being ISO 27001 certified doesn’t necessarily mean that all data is well-managed within the company.

Group 2000 feels obliged to act 100% transparent and we want our partners and customers to be able to completely rely on our way of working, we decided to do this the hard way, but in our opinion the only right way!

Our certification covered all departments and processes within the whole of the Group 2000 company. This was a big deal and meant a lot of discipline and coordination to get this right. But we did it!

The good thing about implementing ISO 27001, it is a leading global standard and it is not just about IT. It is a comprehensive risk-based approach looking at the way our processes work and how we can improve them. It is about our organizational controls that we have in place and furthermore it is about the frequent testing to check and learn if these controls are still sufficient enough meeting both our and your requirements. Last but not least it is about people and their behavior. So high engagement throughout the company is key as well as providing training and awareness. Security is thoroughly embedded within Group 2000 and plays an important role in all of our activities. Ask any staff member within Group 2000 and they will be able to tell you how our security system works and that is a big part of why we have a strong ISMS and why we passed certification with flying colors.