Workflow Management for security departments

Author: Max Posthuma de Boer

For repetitive tasks, each click, each keystroke costs time. Less clicks and keystrokes increase efficiency. No-one will debate that. Still a lot of software applications are not designed with this simple principle in mind. Particularly, when a process is not standard for each...

Managing Large Datasets – data availability

Author: Marcel Hylkema

Data retention is all about persisting and disclosing data to meet legal, compliance and business data archival requirements. One of the key requirements of data retention is that the stored data is available for retrieval during the entire operational period. This poses some challenges...

Certified consistently capable and compliant

Author: Philippe Fischel

Group 2000 had its surveillance assessment for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 by Lloyd’s Register in week 28. This assessment was the first annual assessment after Group 2000’s Certification Renewal for ISO 9001:2015 and Certification for ISO 27001:2013 in 2018.

European Telecommunications Standards Institute

Author: Richard Coppens

One of the Technical Committees of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is responsible for developing standards that support the technical requirements of national and international obligations for law enforcement: the Technical Committee...

Group 2000 passes ISO 27001 certification with flying colors

Author: Lee-Anne van Harte

A few of the most important factors of our organization is based on hard work, dedication, and trust. All of our stakeholders must rely on the fact that there interests are covered by us in a professional and secured matter.

The 5G revolution is approaching

Author: Richard Coppens

Over the previous generations of mobile networks, we have seen a steady increase in bandwidth, and a move from traditional circuit-switched technology to an all-IP network. The 5G network takes this massive step further in various aspects. 5G is much, much more than the common perspective...

What do we aspire in Europe?

Author: Richard Coppens

Everybody working in Telecom and IT knows that developments are going faster and faster. We have only just gotten used to 4G and then the auction for 5G is on the doorstep and the technology for 6G with speeds that literally make us dizzy is already partly conceived. We live in a fantastic era where new applications and the...

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Is your lawfully intercepted data complete and trustworthy?

Author: John Smit

Lawful Interception is a powerful tool for Police and Intelligence Services to fight crime and terrorism. Obviously, the availability of lawful interception is of paramount importance and even a short downtime of this service could have disastrous consequences for ongoing investigations.

How advanced mobile network capacity management benefits society

Author: Max Posthuma de Boer

Mobile telephony and data transfer are indispensable in society, not just residents, but entire industries nowadays depend on the correct, thus unperturbed, functioning of telecom networks. Failure of these networks due to calamities or targeted cyber-attacks can have major social disruption and economic consequences and harms...

Checks, balances, and measurements for your Lawful Interception IT Architecture

Author: Gerko Koppelman

Lawful Interception (LI) architectures deployed in telecommunication networks consist of many complex building blocks which are connected and integrated together. If one of these building blocks fails for whatever reason, potential important and often crucial intercepted data can be lost. The result: insufficient proof in court...

Workflow management for smooth handling legal warrants

Author: Marcel Hylkema

To fulfill legal obligations, Telecommunication network operators are obliged to handle legal warrants for Lawful Intercepts and Lawful Disclosures. With increasing numbers of warrants and the use of electronic handover interfaces, network operators may come in the situation where they feel that they are losing control...

From idea to product – CRMP

Author: René Luers

Group 2000 is a company with years of experience in Network Management Solutions. Group 2000 needs to update and maintain their Network Management product suite constantly in order to keep up with the technology innovations and the security related items. Next to the impact on our existing products, these market...