We are not a company, we are a mission

You can choose for a job or you can choose for a purpose, a mission. Group 2000, your architects in safety and intelligence are a mission and you have the ability to create and experiment cutting edge technology if you were to work in our R&D or perhaps were to explore the world as a business development manager. In essence we make the world more safe and resilient as we found her yesterday, that is our daily mission. Our team is changing the world, one technological achievement after another.


It’s the diversity of the Group 2000 team and their ideas that inspires the innovation that runs through everything we do, from amazing technology to industry-disruptive solutions for our customers.

So, you can choose for a job or you can choose your mission and join the Group 2000 team now. Help us to create a better world for today and tomorrow.

Exciting work place

From our office in Almelo we run most of our operations. Our office is probably one of the most exciting working places in the region, feeling like you are home whilst working with the latest technology, supporting tools and not to forget our daily Italian cuisine and healthy lunches.

Exciting team

We have a very bright and motivated team. Due to the architecture of the facility there is an open environment stimulating collaboration and fast working methods and actions. We have a great diversity of characters and skills.

Exciting world

We act global. We have customers and deployments in more than 30 countries divided over all continents. Whether you are in engineering, support or business development you have the opportunity to discover the world and visit exciting places.

Open missions

There are currently no vacancies.