5G keeps evolving

5G30 November 2022

Release 18 of the 3GPP LI standards will be frozen in December 2022, and the work on release 19 has already begun. There are many topics, three of which are introduced here. Bandwidth Pruning Since the 5G network offers a significant increase in the user-bandwidth, managing the amount of intercepted traffic becomes more and more […]

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5G technology and design choices are changing LI requirements, part 2.

5G29 August 2022

5G technology and design choices are changing LI requirements, part 2. Capacity and Filtering needs for LEA’s. This is the second blog post in our blog series: “How 5G technology and design choices are changing Lawful interception requirements”. In the first blog post of this series, I provided a brief overview of the not-so-obvious implications […]

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How 5G technology and design choices are changing LI requirements

5G21 June 2022

How 5G technology and design choices are changing LI requirements for Law Enforcement, part 1 When CSPs choose to implement 5G for their customers, they generally follow a phased approach. The 1st phase generally consists of an upgrade of their Radio Access Network (RAN) in combination with an upgrade of their EPC core. The 2nd […]

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Recommendations for MNO’s: deploying 5G

5G19 April 2022

Maintenance and Permit Management With the deployment of 5G, Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) are once again facing a historic cycle of key choices and major investments in their infrastructure. The deployment of 5G creates a much more complex technology environment for MNO’s. The fast pace at which these rollouts of new technologies need to happen […]

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Secure your 5G compliance 

5G28 September 2021

For you, like a mobile network operator, it is all about compliance. Local, national, and supranational governmental bodies all create legislation and regulations to which you should adhere.  The telecommunication sector is one of the regulated sectors. When launching a new communication service, like 5G, the involved parties all put significant effort into ensuring that […]

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Fast, faster, fast enough?

5G16 August 2021

Fast, faster, fast enough? The appetite of consumers but also businesses for increased internet bandwidth is continuing to grow. Technology changes enable this and drive new use cases. Video streaming services are now more popular than ever, and eMBB is one of the early drivers of 5G. The increased adoption of fiber to the home […]

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Don’t let the new 5G SA Privacy Features stop you from catching IMSIs

5G21 June 2021

This is the title of the webcast which we as Group 2000 have presented last Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 on the ISS World Training, facilitated by Telestrategies. We have shared the various avenues, to continue to collect off-air intelligence. Some technologies are based on jamming or with the support of our LIMA 5G CellPro platform. […]

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Lawful Interception: 5G interception for Mobile Network Operators

5G20 May 2021

With the introduction and rollout of 5G networks both for stand-alone and non-stand-alone network architectures, new Lawful Interception capabilities must be in place in the network of the operator in order to stay compliant with the regulatory laws of the local government. As such the evolving technology will cause the following considerations for mobile network […]

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Off-Air Intelligence will go Hybrid

5G12 May 2020

It is a fact that the “future” 5G networks are designed to enhance subscribers’ privacy. This causes technological concerns for intelligence services to gain the right data from the network in the new Era of mobile communications for the purpose of tactical operations. Traditional tactical IMSI operations are designed and aimed to identify, locate or […]

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The 5G revolution is approaching

5G12 March 2019

Over the previous generations of mobile networks, we have seen a steady increase in bandwidth and a move from traditional circuit-switched technology to an all-IP network. The 5G network takes this massive step further in various aspects. 5G is much, much more than the common perspective of mobile “ users” “just like 4G, but faster”!

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What do we aspire in Europe?

5G12 January 2019

Everybody working in Telecom and IT knows that developments are going faster and faster. We have only just gotten used to 4G and then the auction for 5G is on the doorstep and the technology for 6G with speeds that literally make us dizzy is already partly conceived.

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