Full compliance with LIMA ONE

Group 2000, architects in safety and intelligence, is expert in legal compliance, legal interception and legal disclosure of data. Our 25 years of experience in this domain and our careful attention to our customers and partners have resulted in our flagship called LIMA ONE. LIMA ONE stands for a robust range of solutions ensuring and enabling you to be compliant with your internal processes and audits and to be compliant with the law and regulatory institutes. LIMA integrates with all kind of various third-party core network equipment and the equipment where we have to hand over the data.


Whether it is provisioning, mediation, process automation, billing, all relevant security aspects and details, storage, legal disclosure or the valuable end to end testing, it is all embedded in LIMA ONE. LIMA ONE is designed for all kind of carrier environments from small scale carriers to nationwide solutions with hundreds of millions of subscribers in their networks. LIMA is designed to be scalable and designed for all needs and requirements in this domain.

Cost-efficient compliance

LIMA ONE facilitates you and guarantees you a seamless integration and deployment in your network. We support all kind of standards worldwide issued by ETSI, 3GPP, CALEA, CableLabs and many local variants. Whether you require the full LIMA ONE stack including provisioning, mediation, management, compliance process automation, billing, storage, data disclosure, and compliance testing or a specific module we support it all for you.

LIMA ONE for all networks and vendors

LIMA ONE supports a broad range of technologies (GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G, CDMA, DSL, VoIP, xDSL, IMS, PSTN, Cable, etc.) and provides interoperability with equipment of all major vendors and most smaller vendors.

Future proof

A choice for LIMA is a choice for a firm and steady platform. LIMA is a promise enabling you to make sure that you are compliant year over year despite new legal requirements and despite new technologies introduced in your network. With LIMA we ensure that your platform is healthy, ensuring unparalleled support and annual major upgrades to the latest software version along with in depth training programs for you and your staff.


As Group 2000 we offer a vast range of services in order to support your organization and embed your valuable feedback in our platforms. Whether it is consultancy, architectural designs, SLA management, managed services or following a training course in one of our LIMA Academy training facilities, it is our daily intention and effort to support your organization’ growth and to support you in your business.

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