All critical communication and communication infrastructures of the government must be protected against cyber attacks or disasters. Critical private entities, including utilities, must be included in the cyber security planning.

The state must be able to respond effectively to cyber incidents with public and private networks that affect the well-being of residents, businesses and the ability of the state to provide essential government services.

Cellular communication

Cellular communication is indispensable in society. Public organizations, but also residents and even entire industries nowadays rely on the correct, secure and undisturbed functioning of cellular networks under all circumstances. Failure of these networks due to calamities of targeted cyber attacks can have major social disruption and economic consequences and harm the confidence of citizens, businesses, and governments in this vital (cyber) infrastructure. Failure of the mobile infrastructure also has an impact on the access to emergency services.


Uninterrupted access to 112/911 can therefore no longer be guaranteed in such a situation. With great personal and social consequences. Cyber attacks due to the use of IMSI catchers can harm the national security or can introduce major economic harm to private organizations. With LIMA Network Protect organizations can detect and mitigate these consequences and will keep communications available and secure and maximize availability for first responders and special interest groups.

Cost-effective. Vendor and technology independent

LIMA Network Protect does not require costly changes in the core network of a mobile operator. LIMA Network Protect provides control of cellular services provided by virtually all vendors and technologies like GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G, NB-IoT, small cells, Wi-Fi, etc.

Robust, secure, and future proof architecture

Our architecture seamlessly integrates with modern service-based and virtualized architectures offering high availability and scalability when needed. Due to its modular design, LIMA Network Protect is fully prepared for the introduction of new technologies, like 5G.


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Service availability with LIMA Network Protect

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