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The need for end-to-end lawful interception compliancy testing

Advancements in communication technology and as a result the increasing complexity in communications systems have fostered the need for advanced lawful interception processes. It is mandatory and increasingly more important for telecom providers to be sure that implemented lawful intercept systems are working according to the local legislation and processes and operate without failures.

In most case operators are not aware of potential failures in the entire communication chain or how to detect these failures, potentially resulting in not completed intercepts. As a consequence, these failures results in a lot of frustration and questions from the LEA to the operator and vice versa in order to identify the cause, costing significant time of both parties and more important the loss of potential important intercepted data.

For Law Enforcement it is critical that they can trust the data provided by telecom providers, while on the other hand for telecom providers it is essential that they can trust the deployed interception technologies in their networks.
Automated end-to-end lawful interception test tooling would help support law enforcement in validating the complete lawful interception chain for all operators and ensures timely detection of non-compliances of telecom providers. Any time without dependencies of the Mobile Network Operator!

For telecom providers end-to-end lawful interception verification tooling facilitates their compliancy with government regulations, and provides essential information to ensure that the lawful interception chain in the network is fully compliant with the local legislation and governmental needs.

LIMA Élite

To support Law Enforcement and Mobile network operators, Group 2000 has created LIMA Élite. With LIMA Élite, the complete paths from target interception in the network via the Lawful Interception Mediation systems at the operators to the Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility (LEMF) are automatically and continuously being tested for each network operator and technology (2G, 3G and 4G). LIMA Élite is operator, network & technology independent and supports the validation of voice calls, SMS and mobile data transfer interceptions, both on metadata (IRI) and content (CC). For Law Enforcement, LIMA Élite can integrate with any LEMF.
With LIMA Elite both the operator and the LEA are in full control to measure the end-to-end communication chain and be sure that the interception infrastructure is compliant.

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