About us

Group 2000, your architects in safety and intelligence

Group 2000 is your professional partner for legal compliance, resilient and smart networks. Our people provide a clear and sustainable answer for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. We contribute by creating intelligent security solutions for law enforcement, intelligence agencies, telecom providers and internet service providers. Our user friendly solutions support you on strategic, tactical and operational level. Through reliability and a greater user experience we enable you to meet your objectives.

 Like no other we understand that trustworthiness, independence and discretion are values of paramount importance. We are a reliable partner in all aspects of our business providing transparent and predictable answers on your questions for the lifetime of your solution and relation with us. Our inspiring people and working place are the fundament of the company ensuring you that we are not only dedicated but also professionally organized with short communication lines delivering what you need in time.

Our values

We want to make a difference in this fast changing world. Not only in the way we produce and create value for our customers but also in the way of who we are and how we act. We aim to create a safer society worldwide by providing world class solutions for legal compliance and legal processes. We also want to contribute to a resilient society where critical infrastructures are properly protected against attacks and use resources in an optimized way. Corporate and social responsibility is embedded in the company, the solutions and our business processes. We are your architects in safety and intelligence and focused on your requirements, adaptive to your needs and processes and professional in all aspects of our services.

Our quality standards

We are a learning organization and constantly improve the way we work, improve our quality standards and improve our processes and by doing so we fully comply to the ISO standards. We are both 9001 and 27001 certified and have a well-adapted environment in place to secure your information properly. We are a fully active ETSI member. In order to constantly improve our services and products, we carry out a customer satisfaction survey every two years. In 2018 our customers and partners rated us with an overall customer satisfaction score of 9 out of 10 and a NPS of +77.