About us

Group 2000 is an independent and innovative partner for a wide range of IT security solutions. Our approach and solutions support Governments, Agencies, Telecom- and Internet Service Providers to solve nationwide communications and security matters.

From our headquarters in Almelo, The Netherlands, and our offices in Norway, Switzerland and the USA we organize our operations all over the world. From our regional offices we are flexible and we can quickly respond to the wishes of our customers. Group 2000 focuses to solve your concerns and creating value for you, our partners, our employees and shareholders. Corporate and social responsibility is embedded in our culture. We support various initiatives at home and abroad, and are as sustainable as possible with energy and natural resources within our organization. Our ethics are incorporated in a code of business conduct.

As Group 2000 we realize that a direct answer on complex issues is no longer sufficient, a direct, innovative, sustainable and transparent solution and approach is embedded in our culture. All disciplines that you would expect from an IT security integrator are available. The core of our company therefore consists of architecture, software development, testing, project management and service management. Besides our own skills, solutions and products, we have a global network of selected partners. Using our knowledge and expertise we are able to offer you an end to end solution.

Group 2000 delivers and preserves essential and reliable Interception, network protocol and network measurement and provisioning knowledge and has global experience in the public and telecommunication domain. We minimize your complexity and taking care of your concern from the start till the final acceptance and afterwards in to manage your platform and maintain your platforms. Group 2000 is ISO 9001:2000 certified and as an active member of ETSI institute we work on the standards and services of tomorrow.