For Law Enforcement

It becomes more and more important for Law Enforcement Agencies to be sure that the lawful interception technology installed in the network of the various mobile network operators are functioning according to the local legislation and that the collection and monitoring system receives all the intercepted data as required.
In the event of non-compliances, either in the network of the mobile operator or the law enforcement monitoring facility time is of essence to minimize the impact and receive the intercepted data as required and according to your local legislation. LIMA Élite provides full control for law enforcement to validate independent of the mobile network operator the entire lawful interception chain and minimize impact and effort to solve non-compliances.

“As a result of a maintenance activity at the mobile operator some crucial intercepted data was no longer received. This caused irreparable harm to my analysis..”

In order to keep their network up to date or when new services are being launched, regular maintenance activities take place within the networks of a mobile network operator. These activities might introduce side effects, for example that the Lawful Interception function does not work as intended and crucial data is lost at moments that it mattered most for you.
As a Law Enforcement agency you want to be in full control without any third party dependencies and be immediately notified when an error in the interception chain happens, so that corrective actions can be taken immediately by the mobile network operator.
With LIMA Élite Law Enforcement is in full control and minimizes the impact ad loss of data.

“The local ETSI 232 hand-over standards were updated. As a result the intercepted data from some providers were no longer received.”

The output of the various mediation systems installed in the network of a mobile network operator must comply with the local hand-over standards in your country. Changes in hand-over standards or the configuration of the mediation system itself might result in data that cannot be analyzed properly by the LEMF. Many of these changes are happening with little visibility of law enforcement and as a result crucial intercepted information might be lost.
LIMA Élite immediately detects such anomalies in the mobile network and alerts law enforcement.

Integrated Solution, created for your needs

The solution is created to be deployed at your law enforcement agency, and will provide you full control, independent of any third party in the lawful interception chain. In order to ensure the life time and the functioning of the system we integrate the solution with your collection and monitoring facility (LEMF) to validate the received data generated by the LIMA target simulator.
The following diagram provides an overview of how a LIMA Élite solution will be deployed and fit within your architecture.


End-to-end solution provider

As an end-to-end solution provider Group 2000 enables and implements LIMA Élite solutions as turnkey projects, including all the installation, testing, training and project management services.