For Mobile Network Operators

LIMA Élite facilitates auditing processes and SLA Management

As a mobile network operator you must maintain compliancy according to your countries legislation. In order to reduce risks and operational (hidden) costs in your lawful interception security domain, we have created LIMA Élite.
With the increasing complexity of mobile networks and as such also the required interception technology, the risk on being non-compliant to governmental regulations is increasing as well. To mitigate this risk of non-compliancy with respect to lawful interception, it is essential to have lawful interception test tooling in place that validates the complete path from target interception in the network via the lawful interception mediation systems up to the point where data is handed over to the Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility. Having this type of tooling also facilitates the auditing processes and SLA Management of the involved parties. Furthermore LIMA Élite proves directly your compliancy and reduces questions asked from the LEA to your security organization.

“My supplier updated the software of one of our network elements to a new major version, which might impact the Lawful Interception function. It should be ensured that the end-to-end Lawful Interception chain is still working.”

Often network elements like a switches or other telecom network equipment are updated to new software versions. Or new network elements are installed or replaced in the network of the mobile network operator. For each update, upgrade and change in the network there are risks involved to the lawful interception solution installed in your network. To mitigate this risk, a significant effort of the security and network team is required to validate that the entire end-to-end lawful interception chain is still working as intended and that you as an operator are still compliant with regulations. Furthermore in most cases third party companies are involved like the core network vendor and the lawful interception vendor. All their time and effort comes with significant costs as well.

LIMA Élite simplifies and automates these verifications: saving effort, saving costs and reducing risks to ensure that you are and will be compliant.

“The Law Enforcement Agency requested proof that the data that was handed over to their system was compliant with the hand-over standards.”

Mobile network operators are often confronted with questions from Law Enforcement about the data that is handed over (or not) from their lawful interception mediation systems to the Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility. Addressing these questions and providing the law enforcement agency with the right answers and evidence cost significant time of the security team and the network team. LIMA Élite facilitates addressing these requests, with a simple and clear objective for the mobile network operators. Saving time and cost structurally!

LIMA Élite: an integrated solution

When a LIMA Élite solution is deployed at a mobile network operator, integration of the LIMA Élite backend with the deployed mediation systems at the mobile network operator is required.

The following diagram describes how a LIMA Élite solution will be deployed in a mobile network operator environment, and fits in the network architecture.

A LIMA Élite backend application framework default supports the ETSI 232 input formats from the integrated lawful interception mediation systems. LIMA Élite’s flexible plugin architecture enables the support of lawful interception mediation systems which output different hand-over formats.
The Lima elite architecture and the backend application will simulate a LEMF (collection and monitoring facility of the law enforcement agency).

Only required information that is used to validate the data received from the lawful interception mediator is validated.

End-to-end solution provider

As an end-to-end solution provider Group 2000 enables and implement LIMA Élite solutions as a turnkey project, including installation, testing, training and project management services.