Changing societies, increased cyber and other disruptive threats, the impact of evolving technology like encrypted apps, changing devices, IoT and many other factors are changing the requirements of law enforcement and intelligence agencies to keep societies safe from harm. Group 2000 has designed a broad range of SIGINT applications which are filling this gap. Whether you require the collection of metadata on networks (structured or unstructured). Profile (filter) based information gathered from suspects including the right location information and the historical data,

these and many other functions are all embedded in our suite called LIMA. As architects in safety and intelligence we fully understand the need to comply with the law. As such our applications are built to ensure you that all actions are correct, auditable, measurable and according to the needs you have with regard to automated processing of sensitive data, information security policies, separation of rights, security and quality measures and all other relevant steps to cover your internal processes according to the law.

LIMA, a real-time solution for intelligence gathering

In case of disruptive events, speed is of essence for law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Who was where and when and what is the pattern of communication? LIMA is able to collect all kind of structured or unstructured data.


Whether the data is related to only metadata and other relevant information like geo information or the real content gathered from different sources where LIMA can integrate with, all required functions are captured in our suite.

Targeted interception and data collection - retention

LIMA is an integrated interception, data collection, data storage and disclosure suite designed to collect and gather data from all kind of networks or other sources. We process, store, mediate and organize the data. We will align the LIMA work processes to your internal processes and make sure that you comply with the national laws.

Full Take & GEO – Intercept and locate any target in any network

Our solution is designed for multi purposes and based on the user friendly user interfaces you are able based on smart filters to create the intel you require. Whether it is metadata, all the content, keyword spotting, the location information including geo fences and targets entering these fences or any other need, LIMA is able to fulfill your requirements.

Future proof

A choice for LIMA is a choice for a firm and steady platform. LIMA is a promise enabling you to make sure that you are compliant with national law and that your requirements are covered year over year. With LIMA we ensure that your platform is healthy, ensuring unparalleled support and annual major upgrades to the latest software version along with in depth training programs for you and your staff.


As Group 2000 we offer a vast range of services in order to support your organization and embed your valuable feedback in our platforms. Whether it is consultancy, architectural designs, SLA management, managed services or following a training course in one of our LIMA Academy training facilities, it is our daily intention and effort to support your organization’ growth and to support you in your business.

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