LIMA Data Retention

LIMA Data Retention for regulatory compliance is a solution with unique characteristics. Telecom Operators and ISPs are required by law to retain metadata for investigation purposes. The number of records generated on a daily basis combined with a retention time, varying per country, pose considerable technical challenges to such Data Retention systems. Rates of a few hundred million records of metadata each day and storage of tens or hundreds of TBs are far from uncommon. A LIMA Data Retention system is able to cope with this amount of metadata, analyzing and storing it in near real-time. Searching for information in a store that comprises billions of records and terabytes of data will not take more than a few minutes. An even more important aspect of LIMA Data Retention is its ability to adapt to change. As networks and services change over time, so does the information that needs to be stored. LIMA Data Retention stores these new types of records without compromising the integrity of existing data or the performance of the system. It is just as important to make changes possible at a fair cost without requiring a redesign of the system or re-indexing of the existing data.

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