Group 2000, architects in safety and intelligence understands that one of the most challenging aspects of your organization is to continue your success and focus on the success activities of your business. In the changing and disruptive world of IT, communication and technology, there are a significant number of legacy applications and therefore constant monitoring is required for both business and compliance purposes. Outsourcing of non-core business activities to Group 2000 could be an option. We offer excellent 24*7 support maintaining your applications and making sure that you comply

with your stakeholders whilst exceeding the expectations of your stakeholders. Due to our infrastructure, the people and the systems, we are able to provide you the economies of scale and business synergy you are looking for. We align and embed your specific requirements in our organization and make sure that we provide you the high performance services you require, all in the same company, reducing the costs for managing and steering multiple internal and external stakeholders and suppliers. We take care of your needs and know how to manage them from A to Z.

What we offer

We offer 24*7 support by expert support engineers, periodic health checks on all of your systems to timely identify problems, continuous monitoring of security vulnerabilities using worldwide standards such as CVE, we make sure that at least once a year a new version of the improved software is available and upgraded on


your systems, enhancement and change requests are assigned and processed in a proper manner and of course we provide you with SLA reporting and regular operational meetings not only to discuss occurred incidents and problems, but to discuss how we can improve the service overall.

Your business is safe

Our support services are strictly audited by our own Quality and Security department as well as by our independent audit company Lloyds Register. We successfully hold both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certificates.

Some of our services

- 24/7 or 5x8 Support - 5x8 Monitoring and 1st line support - Periodic Health Checks - Preventive Maintenance - Vulnerability checks - Security updates - Software upgrades - Technical on-site and remote support - SLA Reporting - SLA Meetings

Future proof

We have a dedicated and highly expert team ready 24*7 to make sure your systems and business run smoothly. Our customer satisfaction score of 9+ defines are dedication and as we continually look forward to understand how we can better the services for you, we intend to strengthen our partnership for the years to come.


As Group 2000 we offer a vast range of services in order to support your organization and embed your valuable feedback in our platforms. Whether it is consultancy, architectural designs, SLA, management, managed services or following a training course in one of our LIMA Academy courses it is our daily mission to let your organization grow and support you in your business.