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LIMA Network Protect

We manage network capacity

Group 2000 has re-defined the definition of resilient networks, resilient in a smart way avoiding unnecessary significant investment and pressure on the environment. This approach is beneficial for numerous use cases and it opens up a range of new possibilities for you as a mobile network operator and as a governmental agency.
The solution is called LIMA Network Protect and it enables mobile network operators to shape their network that the available bandwidth and communication channels can be used by the most important services/applications. LIMA Network Protect is elected as one of the top most important innovations of 2017 by the Internal Security fund of the European Union.
We optimize network resilience and communication availability. We make more effective use of available budgets and create an environment which fits perfectly with your corporate and social responsibility.


One solution, many use cases

LIMA Network Protect addresses many use cases adding benefit for governments, mobile network operators and society. A subset of use cases is described below.

Emergency services

LIMA Network protect ensures that your network always has the capacity for calling emergency services.


LIMA network Protect eliminates the need for mobile network operators to invest millions to build extra capacity in order to cope with errors in the current network architecture.

Pro-active overload detection

LIMA Network Protect is designed to pro-actively detect overload and acts accordingly by pre-defined algorithms to resolve any issue.

Tetra networks/private LTE networks/ National Roaming solutions

LIMA Network Protect helps to prioritize the emergency services in case the other solutions need to fallback to the network of a mobile network operator.

Disaster Message Boards

LIMA Network Protect increases the possibility for residents in the disaster area to post messages on the Disaster Message Boards (DMB). Effectively making DMB a better tool for communicating with relatives and colleagues.

Selective communications

LIMA Network Protect can be used by law enforcement agencies to more effectively monitor communication of targets by steering targets communications to certain preferred services, as an example, from 4g to 3g.

Cyber attack/ DDoS

LIMA Network Protect helps operators to defend there network from an excessive number of connection attempts.

Resolve overload

LIMA Network Protect resolves overload situations faster which results in a higher availability of the mobile network.

Event protection

LIMA Network Protect makes use of predefined scenario’s ensures maximum protection against overload situation during planned events, like a summit.


Application Area

LIMA Network Protect is designed and perfectly fit for:


Flexibility and scalability

By combining multiple adapters on a single system, LIMA Network Protect can be configured to support multi-vendor networks as well as the different mobile network generations: GSM, GPRS, UMTS, and LTE. Adapters are available for most network equipment found in mobile networks. Customer specific adapters can also be developed on request.
LIMA Network Protect can be deployed in a centralized solution where control is fully exercised by a single node, or in a distributed configuration. As networks expand or change, LIMA Network Protect can easily be extended to cater for the expansion or new types of network elements.

LIMA Network Protect can not only be deployed to support a single regional area, e.g. to cater a governmental request to secure a specific event, but can also be deployed as a country-wide solution covering the entire network of a mobile operator.


End-to-end solution provider

As an end-to-end solution provider Group 2000 enables and implement LIMA Network Protect solutions as a turnkey project, including installation, testing, training and project management services.



  • Designed for full, intuitive and user-friendly (automatic) management of cell tower capacity and services.
  • Highly secured and access-controlled environment to avoid costly configuration mistakes.
  • Intuitive cell selection using location details, pre-defined location areas, and geographic map interface.
  • Provides a graphical view of the mobile network status.
  • Does not require any change in the core network.
  • Eliminates the need for in-depth network topology knowledge.
  • Scalable and flexible solution: from nation-wide to event-based.
  • Supports pro-active detection through integration with existing customer deployed solution or through information obtained from the customer’s mobile network.
  • Enables operator to analyze, identify issues and determine appropriate countermeasure in under a minute.


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More information

For more information about our LIMA Network Protect solution, please visit our LIMA Network Protect website.

Solution Sheet

Download here our LIMA Network Protect Solution Sheet.