Mobile telephony and data transfer are indispensable in society, not just residents, but entire industries nowadays depend on the correct and undisturbed functioning of mobile telecom networks.

Failure of these networks due to calamities or targeted cyber-attacks can have major social disruption and economic consequences and harms the confidence of citizens, businesses, and governments in the vital (cyber) infrastructure.

LIMA Network Protect safeguards your radio network

Recent calamities have shown that cellular networks are highly susceptible to an overload in unexpected situations. The consequences of this overload, even after the cause has been removed, often last longer than the duration of the calamity. The area impacted by the overload is frequently much wider than the area of the incident. Large-scale events and cyber attacks (e.g. by creating a signaling storm attack) often have a similar major impact on the availability of the cellular network.


LIMA Network Protect can prevent possible overload situations and mitigate the consequences of such an overload situation. With LIMA Network Protect, you can prioritize communication services for special interest groups (e.g. for emergency services), and bar services for specific groups on cell tower level. For the area outside of the incident the you can ensure that communication is not impacted and QoS is guaranteed. Hence, a better user experience and less revenue loss.

A quality statement

LIMA Network Protect is a quality statement for your radio network. Whether you choose a nationwide solution or a regional or even event-based solution, LIMA Network Protect ensures optimized insights in your radio network coverage, optimized energy consumption and protects your network against signaling storms resulting in a better radio network availability and thus less revenue loss. LIMA Network Protect ensures your subscribers with uninterrupted access to emergency services, and compliance with regulations which request the prioritizing of privileged persons.

Vendors and technology independent

LIMA Network Protect provides control of cellular services provided by virtually all vendors and technologies like GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G, NB-IoT, small cells, Wi-Fi and can be easily expanded with other functions like SMS, cell broadcast or other messaging services.

Future proof

A choice for LIMA is a choice for a firm and steady platform. LIMA is a promise enabling you to make sure that your LIMA Network Protect platform is healthy and fits your needs and the needs of your stakeholders year over year despite new requirements and despite newly introduced technologies in your network. With LIMA we ensure that your solution is annually upgraded providing unparalleled support along with in depth training programs for you and your staff.


As Group 2000 we offer a vast range of services in order to support your organization and embed your valuable feedback in our platforms. Whether it is consultancy, architectural designs, SLA management, managed services or following a training course in one of our LIMA Academy training facilities, it is our daily intention and effort to support your organization’ growth and to support you in your business.

Resilient Network with LIMA Network Protect

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