Broadband Operators


Solutions for Broadband Operators

Broadband Operators around the world are obliged to fulfill various requests submitted by law enforcement agencies. Group 2000 provides broadband providers with proven solutions for lawful intercept and data retention disclosure request solutions.

With our powerful and high-speed LIMA IP monitor, broadband operators can intercept and capture all common IP, E-Mail and VoIP traffic.

For situations where only a few warrants are expected or to facilitate an LI as a service business model, the LIMA Tactical IP Monitor solution is an ideal alternative compared to a permanent LI solution. The LIMA Tactical IP monitor combines multiple interception functions in one physical system. It includes protocol monitors for IP, Email and VoIP traffic and a Mediator for transferring intercepted content to a Monitoring Center. As such it combines traffic analysis, interception and mediation in a single box.

By working closely with a large number broadband operators we have created one of the most cost efficient, reliable lawful intercept solution on the market, where our solution supports network equipment of all major vendors; complies with regulatory requirements in numerous countries worldwide and fully conforms to international lawful interception standards.

LIMA Élite, our end-to-end LI compliancy testing solution, facilitates the broadband operator in being compliant with government regulations by instant detection of non-compliancies of the Lawful Interception data provided towards the LEA.

Solutions for Broadband Operators