In the past, we were used to working (sometimes) from our home office and spent the day on work or creating documents where concentration was needed. Nowadays in COVID-19 days, we must lead our teams via computer screens, conduct sales to existing and new customers, attempting to make new contacts, collaborate and solve problems – issues and moreover make (important) decisions.

For this reason, great, professional, and excellent communication whilst increasing our personal influence is more important than ever. Hence, if you are able to use the power of communication, have fun whilst working from home and if you are able to distinguish yourself this will have a positive effect not only on you but also on all the other people you are communicating with.

Communication is all about 3 V’s:
1) Verbal ( words)
2) Vocal (the intonation of your voice)
3) Visual (your body language – non-verbal communication)

Especially Vocal ad Visual is essential for the right transfer of meanings, opinions, and feelings. They tell us something about the mental state of a person, are they really interested, sincere, or reliable? We as human beings need trust and the recognition of verbal and non-verbal communication gives us trust once the verbal and non-verbal communication are aligned and congruent. So having said this, Mr. Albert Mehrabian (1939) came to the conclusion in 1971 that the impact of communication via words only has a 7% impact. The impact of Vocality is 38% but the visual in other words the non-verbal communication has an impact of 55%.

The 3 V’s must be aligned, they must be congruent. Once there is a disconnection we as human beings directly recognize that something in the communication is not right, there is something going on although we, in most cases not directly recognize the rationale,  we are unconsciously aware and interpreted that the message is not pure. For instance, if one of your team members claims that there is no single issue with important new orders – customer whilst his body language shows a nervous attitude (hands, head, etc.) your mind directly will say, this is not right.

You are aware, and probably you will undertake any action to control what the true and current situation is. Communication nowadays via computer screens makes communication more and more difficult to recognize the verbal and non-verbal signals of your co-workers, suppliers, and customers.

Studies show that work relations deteriorate due to the fact that the communication is not only remote and more difficult to understand your counterpart and are they 3 times less effective compared with direct contact related to building up and maintaining relationships.

So make as much as you can use of the power of communication and distinguish yourself.

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