Warrant Management System

Lawful interception requests start when a warrant is issued. Warrant verification and processing can be a time-consuming task. Therefore, a lawful interception solution must provide solid warrant management services that simplify operating procedures and minimizes handling time.

Extensive warrant management functionalities

LIMA Warrant Management enables the user to add multiple interceptions for one warrant automatically into the Management System with a single task. This saves a significant amount of time compared to adding multiple interceptions separately.

The system supports much more:

  • Creating interceptions for multiple target types
  • Creating interceptions for multiple instances of the same target type
  • Creating interceptions for multiple services
  • Creating interceptions for multiple operators
  • Creating interceptions for multiple networks

The benefit of creating interceptions for multiple networks is that a target interception can be set in a heterogeneous network environment without any additional effort: LIMA Warrant Management takes care of rolling out the interceptions in every network. No need to add an interception for each network type separately!

Electronic warrant handling

Warrants can be imported electronically. These e-Warrants can be automatically handled and executed directly or after validation by authorized personnel.

Transparency for compliance

Being able to fully automate the warrant import, handling, and interception setting, full system transparency is essential. The full administrative and operational history of manually and automatically executed tasks are logged for auditing purposes to ensure regulatory compliance.

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