LIMA Workflow Management

LIMA Workflow Management software is a valuable extension tool for lawful interception and legal disclosure systems. LIMA Workflow Management increases operational efficiency and eliminates points of failure by adapting the system to the process rather than the other way around. The flexible module enables you to tailor your existing compliance solutions to your operational processes including customized dashboards, reporting, and billing features.


Flexible workflows

LIMA Workflow Management simplifies and structures your legal and data disclosure processes. Users have a single entry point for entering and managing legal and data disclosure requests.  Workflows allow LIMA applications to be aligned with existing business processes by adding process steps or changing their sequence. LIMA Workflow Management shapes LIMA compliance solutions to follow your operational processes from receiving (electronic) warrants up to the lawful disclosure of requested information, including all validations and authorizations.

LIMA Workflow Management software includes team support

The team support feature helps operators using the LIMA Management System to organize legal requests and to efficiently and timely handle the workload. Supervisors are able to manage and track the progress of handling warrants and disclosure requests by linking requests to tasks and assigning them to a team. Reporting on specific KPI’s such as meeting response times defined in Service Level Agreements with authorities is supported and can be adjusted as preferred.

Team support functionality includes:

  • Inbox principle for overview of tasks, grouped by priority.
  • Assignment of tasks to a team of users.
  • Supervisor role for re-assignment of tasks.
  • SLA dashboards and reporting.

Workflows are designed in consultation and tested extensively prior to deployment with LIMA systems. To maximize flexibility, workflow configurations can be modified and added after installation without any downtime of the system.

Benefits of LIMA Workflow Management

  • Warrant and disclosure management process automation.
  • Implementation of customer specific security processes.
  • Improves efficiency, avoids human errors.
  • e-Warrant support.
  • Management and Quality reporting.

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