LIMA Lawful Intercept for 5G

As a key vendor in the lawful interception market, Group 2000 has several large deployments serving 5G networks, processing data with speeds of tens of GB’s per second. LIMA Lawful Intercept can integrate with any 5G network. This is the result of intensive collaboration with our customers and industry-leading network vendors.

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5G Mediation

5G Networks, which provide wireless broadband services, often generate very high amounts of data per second. To be able to process all this data, our LIMA Lawful Intercept solution offers a High-Performance Mediator. Our High-Performance Mediator supports up to 10 Gigabits per second.

5G Virtualization

Virtualized network functions in 5G networks require virtualized lawful interception functions. Contact us to learn more about deployment options of virtualized lawful interception functions in your 5G network.

Adoption of 5G Standards

Group 2000 is part of the ETSI Technical Committee Lawful Interception, has been actively involved in LI standardization for 5G, and fully informed on the 3GPP specifications concerning the 5G standards. Through our direct participation in the development of 5G lawful interception standards, we can quickly adopt new 5G standards to ensure that LIMA Lawful Interception and lawful disclosure remain compliant.

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5G Lawful Interception: Customer Experience Survey

30% Of the Global Top 50 CSP’s have deployed our LIMA solutions and have rated us with an 8.9 out of 10 in the Customer Experience Survey (Nov 2020). 82% of the respondents indicate it is likely they will contact Group 2000 as the supplier for lawful interception technology for their 5G services.

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