Actual coverage areas measured and mapped

Accurate coverage maps are of critical importance to law enforcement and telecom operators. Law enforcement agencies depend on accurate cell coverage maps during criminal investigations, for example, to identify the exact location of suspects at the moment a crime took place.

Telecom operators can identify network weak or blind spots more accurately. Decisions about adjusting cell tower signal strength or the need to invest in additional cell towers can be made based on more precise data. Radio Planning departments can increase their technical and financial efficiency.

LIMA Cell Monitor

The LIMA Cell Monitor is a purpose-built device with a small form factor that collects detailed information from mobile and Wi-Fi networks. Equipped with multiple modems, the LIMA Cell Monitor can take measurements in parallel. Cell measurements of different operators can be simultaneously collected for all technologies.

The LIMA Cell Monitor also houses Wi-Fi adapters to allow scanning for Wi-Fi networks in parallel. To prevent easy detection, passive mode is supported by the Wi-Fi adapters.

Query and analyzing functionality

Measured information by the LIMA Cell Monitor is uploaded to the central management server, which provides functionality for querying and analyzing mobile cells and Wi-Fi networks and their measurements.

Identifying the exact location

Measurements are connected to a specific location through the built-in GPS receiver.


Cell coverage maps

With the collected cell data, accurate coverage maps for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks can be created for all available operators. Besides coverage maps for mobile networks, coverage maps for Wi-Fi access points can also be created.

Autonomous and flexible

The LIMA Cell Monitor works fully autonomously without the need for any manual interaction. Either mounted on a vehicle for drive testing or installed at a fixed location, the LIMA Cell Monitor facilitates flexible usage under different operational circumstances.

Mobile App

To support the user of the LIMA Cell Monitor in monitoring and configuring the device, the LIMA Cell Monitor comes with a companion app for Android devices.

Central Management

An additional function of the central management application is to allow the user to remotely (centrally) manage and operate LIMA Cell Monitor devices, reducing the need for specialized personnel in the field.

The central management application provides an expert mode, offering even more enhanced features.

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