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For you we co-create, we innovate, we differentiate in an ever-changing world

We are your professional partner for legal compliance, resilient and smart networks. Our people provide a clear and sustainable answer for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. We contribute by creating intelligent security solutions for law enforcement, intelligence agencies, telecom providers and internet service providers. Our user-friendly solutions support you on a strategic, tactical, and operational level. Through reliability and a greater user experience, we enable you to meet your objectives. Today we are present in more than 35 countries divided over all continents.

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Our core values


We are on top of your game and are an active partaker of the cyber tech community. It keeps us continuously involved with your line of work, outside our realm.


We are transparent and predictable in all aspects of your and our business. If you aim for a high level of success we are a great match for your endeavors.


We believe it’s smarter to follow the philosophy of ‘we can always learn more’. And even more than that: we want to challenge you to add to our process.


We are dedicated to the success of our customers, partners, and Group 2000 employees. We say what we do and above all, we do what we say.

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GPEC 2022

31 May - 02 June 2022

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ISS World Europe 2022

14-16 June 2022

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The relevance of LIMA 5GSA Identity Association
5GSA, 5G Stand Alone

Almost two decades ago (2003) the first IMSI catcher was patented. But on 4 January 2012, the Court of Appeal of England and Wales held that the patent is invalid for obviousness. This more or less presents the “easiness” with which an IMSI could be obtained from the air. During the years and the evolvement […]

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