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Regulations make it your obligation to retain massive amounts of communication data. And not only retain the data but also be able to quickly query the data to disclose requested data to any authorized entity. Data going in must be the same data coming out when queried, with extensive logs so you can provide evidence that nothing and nobody has tampered with the data.

You are facing many requirements you must comply with. And: you also have to pay for it. So, the challenge is to find a turnkey solution that supports all common data feeds and can be deployed quickly. At the same time, that solution must be scalable to stay on pace with the growth of communication data generated by your customers and capable of adding more data feeds, without the need for heavy investments for the changes and expansions you may face in the future. This is the challenge Group 2000 solves with LIMA Data Retention.

LIMA Data Retention consists of a highly scalable and fault-tolerant Data Retention store, a flexible collection and transformation module, and optionally a broker functionality that complies with international standards. These functions are controlled by LIMA Disclosure Management, a plug-in module for the LIMA Management System used for various types of regulatory services.

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LIMA Disclosure Management

Data Retention: Fast and cost-efficient

Group 2000’s LIMA Data Retention system can cope with massive amounts of metadata, analyzing and storing it in near real-time. As the LIMA Data Retention solution is based on storage server instances, the solution is highly scalable to support your future growth needs while being very cost-effective by using either commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers or the deployment of storage server instances running in a virtual or cloud environment.

LIMA Data Retention stores new types of records without compromising the integrity of existing data or the performance of the system. This allows you to make changes at reasonable costs without the need for a full redesign of the system.

Providing typical data retention functionalities like legal hold, expiration, and lawful disclosure, Group 2000’s LIMA Data Retention is the best choice for telecom operators and internet service providers to be compliant with laws and regulations.

LIMA Data Retention features various functionalities required from a data retention solution. Said functionalities include:

  • Legal hold
  • Expiration
  • Encryption
  • Tamper detection
  • Logging and Auditing
  • Alarming

Key benefits of LIMA Data Retention

  • Ingests 100 million+ records per day
  • A Powerful and secure datastore
  • Search and query records very fast
  • Highly scalable, fault-tolerant, and cost-efficient

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