LIMA Disclosure Management

Authorities may request the lawful disclosure of certain customer information from a telecom operator. Requests for lawful disclosure can be done for various types of information, such as call data and (geo)location information. Group 2000’s LIMA Disclosure Management is a separate module within the LIMA Management System and provides authorized users with the functionality to manage legal disclosure requests. LIMA Disclosure Management is one of the standard components of LIMA Data Retention and can be installed standalone within the LIMA Management System or combined with the LIMA Lawful Intercept functionality.

Retrieving requested data

LIMA Disclosure Management allows users to enter disclosure requests with specific parameters to retrieve the requested information from many available data sources and to deliver the right results. The data retrieval process may consist of multiple consecutive data queries at different data sources to construct the required data set.

Delivery of retrieved data

After retrieving the data, the results may be validated and converted into the required standard or specified format. The requesting authority may collect the retrieved data directly from its own web-based GUI or, depending on the requirements of the requesting authority, delivery can be done automatically ng specified (electronic) interfaces.

Process automation

To cater to customer-specific process flows and to support teams as opposed to single operators, LIMA Disclosure Management can be extended with LIMA Workflow Management, a standards-based business process engine.

Flexible operations

LIMA Disclosure Management system can administer and segregate many different networks to enable managed service models, for support of multi-tenant networks like MVNO’s, and multi-country networks.

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