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Mobile networks provide a broad variety of functions for society. People communicate, personal and business interactions take place on mobile networks.  But there’s more. Emergency services such as first responders depend on mobile communications to help those in need. Making sure mobile services are always available, safe to use, and unaffected by service interruptions for all users is a serious responsibility.

LIMA Network Protect is the tool to ensure network resilience. But also in case of disruptive events, LIMA Network Protect ensures service availability to allow mobile communications to continue. And there’s more LIMA Network Protect can do to add value to your organization, for your suppliers, personnel, and society. Best of all, LIMA Network Protect supports 2G, 3G, 4G ánd 5G networks.

Group 2000’s LIMA Network Protect is a modular solution that integrates with the core network. The solution provides a graphical view of the mobile network with status information. Operating LIMA Network Protect doesn’t require deep technical knowledge or understanding of the mobile network. LIMA Network Protect can be activated as easily as by drawing a geofence and selecting the task to be activated.

LIMA Network Protect protects the mobile network against overload situations caused by disasters and other planned or unplanned events by managing capacity thresholds. LIMA Network Protect can ensure service availability for critical emergency services by barring selected areas of the mobile network – even up to individual cell tower level – or by activating cell barring on specific user groups and/or services.

Being in control of your mobile network also means you are in control of the health and safety circumstances of your operational teams. Performing maintenance and repairs on cell towers is a dangerous task in a hazardous environment. Being able to shut down individual cell towers from a secure, centrally managed, solution allows you to provide a safe working environment for your mechanics and engineers that must be on site.

LIMA Network Protect also helps you to save energy and contribute to a better environment. You know which areas require less capacity during evenings and nights, for example, office areas where offices will be mostly empty after business hours. LIMA Network Protect helps you optimize the network capacity to the actual need during the day either manually or fully automatic, resulting in less power consumption and carbon emissions.

Control levels of LIMA Network Protect include:

  • Cell (Lock/unlock)
  • Barring of Access Classes (Normal 0-9, Special 11-15)
  • Technology (2G / 3G/ 4G/ 5G)
  • Power level: (E)DRX, PSM

Governments around the world also use Group 2000’s LIMA Network Protect. Law enforcement agencies can steer targets towards a certain form of communication or technologies within the network with LIMA Network Protect, which makes tracing the communication of the target much easier. LIMA Network Protect is also used for national security purposes.

Key benefits:

  • Deployment on standard servers or in a virtual environment for cost-effective scalability.
  • No need for in-depth network topology knowledge.
  • Various 3GPP releases are implemented to support a wide range of options.
  • Able to identify and analyze issues and determine appropriate countermeasures within a minute.

How to use LIMA Network Protect

LIMA Network Protect can be the solution for you. Discover more in our various use cases.

Service availability

Resilient mobile network

Capacity management

Energy saving

Health and safety

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