LIMA 5G Identity Lookup Architecture

LIMA23 January 2024

In 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) have relied on the use of so-called IMSI catchers to assist in search-and-rescue operations and to track persons of interest. An IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) is associated with the SIM in a mobile phone and uniquely identifies that SIM. Whereas this IMSI could be […]

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Working with Group 2000 for lawful interception and data retention

LIMA Lawful Intercept11 December 2023

Working with Group 2000 for lawful interception and data retention makes a ton of sense. LIMA Lawful Intercept LIMA Lawful Intercept is a product by Group 2000 that provides a comprehensive solution for lawful interception (LI) of telecommunication services. It’s a crucial platform for law enforcement and intelligence agencies worldwide, facilitating investigations and prosecutions of […]

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The net-zero promise: LIMA Network Protect Energy

LIMA Network Protect30 November 2023

The mobile telecom industry has pledged to become net-zero by 2050, and 5G specifications call for a 90% drop in energy use (per unit of data transmitted) compared to 4G. Ninety percent is a significant objective and we as architects in safety and intelligence have to put that into the right perspective. The Information and […]

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LIMA Maintenance and Permit Management

LIMA Network Protect16 November 2023

Mobile network operators carry out maintenance activities to ensure that their networks are reliable, secure, and ready for the demands of the future. In the last couple of years, the net-zero pledge has also been a trigger to perform maintenance. Mobile network operators are regularly upgrading their network hardware and software to ensure that they […]

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A customer journey from onboarding till acceptance

Group 20007 November 2023

The supplier onboarding process helps to create a formal relationship between customers and Group 2000, enabling both partners to understand expectations and implement the necessary requirements. It also helps to manage compliance and mitigate risks by conducting due diligence, verifying legal and regulatory adherence, and evaluating financial stability. There are many reasons for a good […]

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Group 200028 September 2023

Telecommunication services have become an integral part of our lives enabling global communication. We rely on them for voice calls, messaging, internet access, and more. To ensure seamless connectivity, interoperability among telecom providers is crucial. Interoperability is the ability of different telecom networks, services, and devices to work together effectively. It enables customers from different […]

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Global footprint and global support

Group 200021 September 2023

Group 2000, headquartered in the Netherlands provides quite a remarkable global footprint and we are proud to have become a trusted partner for many organizations worldwide, offering cutting-edge solutions and unwavering support. This is not something that happened overnight, it has taken years of hard work and dedication whilst focussing on helping all our customers […]

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Group 2000 27k processes

Group 200014 September 2023

In an increasingly interconnected world, where data breaches and cyber threats are becoming more prevalent, organizations are seeking ways to fortify their information security measures. ISO 27001, is a globally recognized standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and offers a robust framework to protect sensitive data and ensure business continuity. This blog post provides […]

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Leading the Way in LIMA Lawful Intercept Solutions

Group 200031 August 2023

Leading the Way in LIMA Lawful Intercept Solutions: Embracing 40 Years of Excellence, Collaborative Innovation, and the Advantages of a Privately-Owned Company In the realm of LIMA Lawful Intercept solutions, the choice of a partner goes beyond just a business decision – it’s about security, ethics, and trust. With an unwavering commitment spanning over four […]

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From idea to a LIMA architecture

Group 200029 August 2023

Sometimes an idea for a LIMA solution or LIMA product springs to mind that may potentially solve an existing problem. In order to understand what is needed to implement this idea and to know whether it is feasible, the idea needs to be further examined. This starts with understanding the essence of the idea: What […]

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LIMA IP traffic filtering Architecture

LIMA Lawful Intercept24 August 2023

Relevance High bandwidth networks like fiber and eMBB (5G) put new requirements to a LIMA Lawful Interception solution. With the high throughput data streams, the costs of processing this data increases in multiple segments of the entire LI chain. Not all data is relevant for an investigation however, E.g., Netflix and application and OS updates […]

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From a LIMA ticket to a LIMA fix

LIMA6 July 2023

All incidents, questions, or potential enhancement requests can be reported by e-mail or by phone to the Group 2000 Customer Care Support Desk. Our team is fully equipped and ready to provide 24/7 support for all those who choose to use our Maintenance & Support services. All incoming requests are registered in our system and […]

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Quality approach QMC

LIMA19 June 2023

Our approach to software quality and security Software quality and security are two essential aspects of the development of any piece of LIMA software. However, ensuring that the LIMA software meets the desired quality and security standards can be challenging, especially when working with large and complex codebases, distributed teams, and frequent changes. This is […]

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Group 2000 cares about compliance: LIMA

LIMA15 June 2023

In the field of telecommunication, lawful investigation companies and law enforcement agencies are increasingly confronted with privacy legislation and data protection laws and/or to demonstrate that the intelligence gathered is proportional and rightful. On the other hand, there are legal obligations like Lawful Interception and Lawful Disclosure to LEAs that must be implemented too in […]

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Our vision about SLA management

Group 20008 June 2023

The best way to explain the vision of SLA management at Group 2000 is a Dutch saying that roughly translates to: “Having the feeling of being at the right address.” We aim to provide this experience to all our much-appreciated customers and believe this is where we excel and differentiate from others. This starts with […]

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LIMA Academy

LIMA1 June 2023

LIMA Academy provides a full range of training courses aimed at providing participants with the knowledge required to use, administrate and maintain Group 2000 LIMA solutions successfully. The courses are given at the Group 2000 training facility in Almelo, the Netherlands but can also be given as a webinar or on-site training. An intake will […]

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As a customer, you have influence on our LIMA roadmap

Group 200025 May 2023

Introduction: In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of software development, companies like Group 2000 are continuously striving to meet the dynamic needs and expectations of their customers. With a strong focus on customer-centricity, Group 2000 recognizes the pivotal role that its customers and partners play in shaping the direction of our roadmap. In this blog post, […]

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Group 2000 Environmental Management System (EMS)

Group 200015 May 2023

In recent years, a more increased focus has been needed for all of us to operate in an environmentally responsible way. To help identify and manage the environmental impacts within Group 2000, we have set up a Group 2000 Environmental Management System (EMS), which not only helps us to manage these impacts but also allows […]

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Dedicated project management

Group 200015 May 2023

For our clients, installation of a new LIMA LI platform or an adjustment – expansion of your current LIMA LI solution is always a sensitive issue. Due to the nature of LIMA LI solutions, information regarding your requirements, the right installation procedures, upcoming activities, and system usage is most often on a need-to-know basis. As […]

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The creation of a workflow

LIMA30 April 2023

The LIMA solutions, in general, focus on executing requests from authorities to telecommunication providers like i.e., interception or lawful disclosure requests. The requests are administrated in and executed from the LIMA Management System. The goal is to get the job done as quickly as possible with the least possible effort from the operator using the […]

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Onboarding of LIMA customers till successful acceptance

LIMA24 April 2023

Onboarding LIMA customers is a critical process that sets the stage for a long and successful relationship. It is the first step in building a partnership that will benefit you (LIMA Customer), us (Group 2000 B.V.), and the organization. Successful onboarding requires a combination of factors, including successful integration, strong cooperation, knowledge of technology and […]

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Customer project results (customer benefits)

LIMA13 April 2023

In the world of changing technology and changing infrastructure, our customers are challenged on a day-by-day basis. Small changes in the network can have a big impact on the regulatory side and, as a result, require modifications to the core infrastructure and backend. For us in the Customer Operations division within Group 2000,  we embrace […]

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First RegTech

News21 March 2023

Group 2000 and iTrust Ethics launch first RegTech that standardises and simplifies the complex decision-making process when disclosing personal data. • iTrust6A™️ powered by LIMA® workflow management software enables organisations to demonstrate compliance and transparency by guiding how decisions are made and recording the rationale for disclosure. • The six-principle framework was developed by iTrust […]

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Group 2000: Processes behind the scenes

Group 200016 March 2023

R&D security scans This digital era has led to new innovations which changed the way we use technology for both business as personal use. The continuously growing performance result in more and more data being produced, handled, and stored. In that fast-changing world, security has gotten a more and more prominent role. In this blog […]

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Handling Electronic Warrants in Data Retention

LIMA9 March 2023

Nowadays, authorities request telecommunication providers more and more to provide them with retained communication and subscriber data for legal purposes. These requests pose a significant burden on both telecommunication providers and lawful authorities handling the warrants. In earlier days, this required quite an amount of effort as handling these requests was mostly manual work consisting […]

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From purchase order, to onboarding, project management and delivery

LIMA15 February 2023

One of the core activities of Group 2000 is the implementation of LIMA projects in general and the implementation of LIMA customer projects in particular. Customer projects can vary from complete new LIMA deployments of one of the Group 2000 platforms, up to adding of new functionality to previously provided solutions, or the co-creation with […]

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Lawful Interception (LI) – ethics, transparency and proof

LIMA Lawful Intercept9 February 2023

Many organisations, including large telecommunications and technology companies, and multinational corporations, regularly receive legal demands from law enforcement agencies for the interception of communications. Generally, companies have the technical capability in place for handling such requests. Over the years these systems have been optimised to efficiently and effectively intercept the traffic of their customers when […]

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Benefits for legal officers: Data disclosure system

LIMA19 January 2023

A data disclosure system for legal officers in the telecommunication domain can provide a number of benefits that can help to improve efficiency and demonstrate compliance. One of the main benefits of a data disclosure system is that it helps to improve efficiency and, as a consequence, saves costs. Gathering and organizing information for disclosure […]

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LIMA Data Retention

LIMA12 January 2023

LIMA Data Retention, a customer use case Our customers are faced with a legal obligation to facilitate in data retention with a reasonable response time (Service operators)  or, on the other end, challenged with doing analytics on criminal activities (governmental agencies). For these customers, we have deployed LIMA data retention solutions covering the service provider […]

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Data disclosure in cloud environments

LIMA6 January 2023

As a manager for corporate security tasked with legal compliance, you are probably used to getting confronted with high costs for data retention storage solutions. Especially in today’s times of data growth and increasing compliance and data disclosure demands. For general storage solutions, Cloud storage is nowadays a logical choice when needing a cost-effective and […]

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5G keeps evolving

LIMA Lawful Intercept30 November 2022

Release 18 of the 3GPP LI standards will be frozen in December 2022, and the work on release 19 has already begun. There are many topics, three of which are introduced here. Bandwidth Pruning Since the 5G network offers a significant increase in the user-bandwidth, managing the amount of intercepted traffic becomes more and more […]

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LIMA Data Retention Cloud

News31 October 2022

Nowadays, Cloud storage is a logical choice when there is a need for a cost-effective and scalable storage solution for legal compliance purposes like data disclosure requests. In addition to Cloud storage, it delivers speed, reliability, and security. These features are very attractive when creating a Data Retention solution in the cloud. After all, storing […]

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Lawful intercept for Rich Communication Services (RCS)

LIMA Lawful Intercept4 October 2022

The SMS service provided by mobile operators is still quite popular. However, because of its basic functionality, its usage is surpassed by other messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage with features like longer texts, pictures, videos, emoticons, and group chats. To make the service more valuable and competitive, smartphone manufacturers, carriers, and the […]

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Cloud resiliency – why it matters

LIMA Lawful Intercept20 April 2022

Nowadays, deploying services in the cloud has become common practice. Both public and private clouds are being applied, each with their own characteristics regarding scalability, security, privacy, reliability, costs, etc. This blog will focus on the resiliency of deployments in the cloud and how to take this into account when planning a deployment. Resiliency Resiliency […]

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Recommendations for MNO’s: deploying 5G

LIMA Lawful Intercept19 April 2022

Maintenance and Permit Management With the deployment of 5G, Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) are once again facing a historic cycle of key choices and major investments in their infrastructure. The deployment of 5G creates a much more complex technology environment for MNO’s. The fast pace at which these rollouts of new technologies need to happen […]

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College of Policing – Radio Frequency Conference

News29 March 2022

Last week Group 2000 was at the College of Policing Radio Frequency Conference with our LIMA Cell Monitor solution, joining our partner Forensic Analytics. It was great to meet our customers, learn from them and hear how LIMA Cell Monitor does a great job in supporting their RF surveys. LIMA Cell Monitor is 5G ready, providing […]

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The cell site analysis device for police forces

LIMA Cell Monitor22 February 2022

LIMA Cell Monitor, the cell site analysis device for police forces – telecom operators Last January Group 2000 released a new version of the LIMA Cell Monitor software. Many new features are added which are created in close cooperation with our awarded and trusted customers. In this blog, the two most important features are highlighted. […]

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Thank you all

News20 December 2021

On behalf of all Group 2000 staff, we are grateful for all the great and exceptional in-depth technology meetings we had with you in 2021. Due to your continuous trust and technology requests, you made it happen that we as a company are growing, and with the expanding installed base across the globe that we […]

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Can you guarantee the integrity of your LI environment?

LIMA Lawful Intercept22 November 2021

Can you guarantee the integrity of your LI environment, compliance auditing in heterogeneous LI in your network environments? Probably not. However, there is a solution: Fulfilling telecommunication regulatory and compliance obligations nowadays is not about simply adding, for instance, Lawful Interception capabilities to the network anymore. At first glance, it might still seem that way. […]

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Cell Site and Mobile RF analysis

LIMA Cell Monitor26 October 2021

Cell Site and Mobile RF analysis – how to extract meaningful and actionable information for criminal investigations. This is the title of the webinar which Group 2000, together which Forensic Analytics presented last Tuesday, October 19th, 2021, on the ISS World Training, facilitated by Telestrategies. It demonstrated the vital role that RF (Radio Frequency) data […]

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Secure your 5G compliance 

LIMA Lawful Intercept28 September 2021

For you, like a mobile network operator, it is all about compliance. Local, national, and supranational governmental bodies all create legislation and regulations to which you should adhere.  The telecommunication sector is one of the regulated sectors. When launching a new communication service, like 5G, the involved parties all put significant effort into ensuring that […]

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Fast, faster, fast enough?

LIMA Lawful Intercept16 August 2021

Fast, faster, fast enough? The appetite of consumers but also businesses for increased internet bandwidth is continuing to grow. Technology changes enable this and drive new use cases. Video streaming services are now more popular than ever, and eMBB is one of the early drivers of 5G. The increased adoption of fiber to the home […]

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Cutting-edge technology for successful G7 policing

News29 June 2021

Group 2000 provided Forensic Analytics cutting-edge technology for successful G7 policing. Our innovative LIMA solution aids Devon and Cornwall Police with summit security. Devon and Cornwall Police have been, quite rightly, widely praised after the policing of the G7 summit in Cornwall last week went without a hitch. We can now reveal that some of […]

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Don’t let the new 5G SA Privacy Features stop you from catching IMSIs

LIMA21 June 2021

This is the title of the webcast which we as Group 2000 have presented last Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 on the ISS World Training, facilitated by Telestrategies. We have shared the various avenues, to continue to collect off-air intelligence. Some technologies are based on jamming or with the support of our LIMA 5G CellPro platform. […]

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Supplier selection processes

Group 200010 June 2021

When it comes to supplier selection processes either for new customers or expansions for your current customers the bottom line is that companies ought to act, no better must act like it is a beauty contest. In a lot of cases and based on years of analysis they, unfortunately, do not… Regular supplier behavior (in […]

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Cell Site Surveys – Why are they so important?

LIMA Cell Monitor27 May 2021

For supporting investigations into criminal activities, investigators often use information provided by the operators of mobile networks. The accepted methods for retrieving such information are lawful intercept and the retrieval of retained data. The first provides metadata and content in real-time whilst the latter provides historical metadata. Often serving as supporting evidence, lawful interception and […]

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Partner selection expectations and reality

Group 20002 February 2021

How often reading (interesting) articles and blogs do we encounter an inexhaustible summary of all the advantages of a solution or a product? All the advantages and especially technical specifications come forward in the hope (of a supplier) of convincing customers (you!) to ultimately award an order to the supplying company. From our perspective, this […]

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Workflow Management for security departments

LIMA Lawful Intercept12 June 2020

For repetitive tasks, each click, each keystroke costs time. Fewer clicks and keystrokes increase efficiency. No one will debate that. Still, a lot of software applications are not designed with this simple principle in mind. Particularly, when a process is not standard for each organization or user. What is missing here is that within the […]

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Off-Air Intelligence will go Hybrid

LIMA 5GSA Identity Lookup12 May 2020

It is a fact that the “future” 5G networks are designed to enhance subscribers’ privacy. This causes technological concerns for intelligence services to gain the right data from the network in the new Era of mobile communications for the purpose of tactical operations. Traditional tactical IMSI operations are designed and aimed to identify, locate or […]

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European Telecommunications Standards Institute

LIMA12 July 2019

One of the Technical Committees of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is responsible for developing standards that support the technical requirements of national and international obligations for law enforcement: the Technical Committee on Lawful Interception (TC-LI).

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The 5G revolution is approaching

LIMA Lawful Intercept12 March 2019

Over the previous generations of mobile networks, we have seen a steady increase in bandwidth and a move from traditional circuit-switched technology to an all-IP network. The 5G network takes this massive step further in various aspects. 5G is much, much more than the common perspective of mobile “ users” “just like 4G, but faster”!

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What do we aspire in Europe?

LIMA12 January 2019

Everybody working in Telecom and IT knows that developments are going faster and faster. We have only just gotten used to 4G and then the auction for 5G is on the doorstep and the technology for 6G with speeds that literally make us dizzy is already partly conceived.

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