Maintenance and Permit Management
With the deployment of 5G, Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) are once again facing a historic cycle of key choices and major investments in their infrastructure.

The deployment of 5G creates a much more complex technology environment for MNO’s. The fast pace at which these rollouts of new technologies need to happen provides extra challenges. It is critical to ensure network quality, reliability, availability, security, and simultaneously whilst intend to keep the operational costs as low as possible. At the same time, most operators have outsourced in the past critical functions of the core network infrastructure to subcontractors, resulting in that less critical knowledge being available and fewer resources to maintain and manage the new challenges. The same might apply to the subcontractors, they depend on the MNO’s to provide permits to perform activities on cell towers and just as important, guarantees for the safety of their engineers on site.

Key challenges for most MNO’s are:
– reduce the cost of their change management and maintenance process;
– increase the efficiency to prevent an increase of operational cost as a result of network expansion;
– reduce the number of operational mistakes with an automated permit management platform;
– ensure the safety of engineers on-site;
– gain more overall control of their network;

As your architects in safety and intelligence, Group 2000 created an automated and process-based solution called LIMA Maintenance and Permit Management (MPM) answering the aforementioned challenges MNO’s are facing regarding the change management process and maintenance of cell towers.

Lawful Interception
With the deployment of 5G, MNO’s must consider the country-specific regulatory requirements that could significantly affect the design choices and deployment of 5G technology. One of these regulations is Lawful Interception and with the rollout of 5G, there are new requirements for Lawful Interception like virtual-based LI solutions, Identity lookup, and s8 Home Routing. Due to the completely different architecture, there is a need to have a Lawful Interception based on 5G network topology.

As 5G is much more feature-rich, it will have a much greater number of connected devices. Information related to these devices could be of interest to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA’s) and as such MNO’s must be legally able to intercept and hand over traffic to the LEA’s of a multitude of devices that could be assigned to a target. For example devices like smartwatches, connected home appliances, and autonomous cars. A legacy lawful interception solution is not able to capture all traffic because not all traffic will flow through the core network and as a result, is not able to be intercepted. With a completely new 5G architecture and this explosive growth in connected devices and associated traffic, a new lawful interception function will have to be added to be compliant with the country-specific regulations.

As your architects in safety and intelligence, Group 2000 understands very well that there are no financial benefits involved for MNO’s to install and maintain a Lawful Interception platform. With over 40 years of experience in the legal compliance domain and deployments across the world, we have experienced that all customers have different requirements and ways of working. With our ability to adapt easily and flexibility to integrate with all vendors and all technologies, we are ready to take our customers on a journey to a fully compliant and future-proof 5G lawful Interception platform, with full auditing, logging, and extensive reporting functions. Together with our customers or partners, we create custom-made workflows tailored to their method of operation, at the same time the LIMA platform is a fully standardized and proven platform where due to the modern software architecture easily new (container-based) functionality can be added. As one of the larger IT security companies in the legal compliance domain and as an active partaker of the cyber tech community we are well informed and aware of trends and developments in the security sector worldwide. We provide our future-proof solutions with transparency and predictability from a commercial and operational perspective, which have resulted in some of the top 20 MNO’s being called our long-lasting partners for more than 25 years.

That’s why we like to say for you we co-create, we innovate in an ever-changing world, and let us be your architects in safety and intelligence into a fully compliant and future-proof 5G ready Lawful Interception platform.

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