Benefits for legal officers: Data disclosure system

LIMA19 January 2023

A data disclosure system for legal officers in the telecommunication domain can provide a number of benefits that can help to improve efficiency and demonstrate compliance. One of the main benefits of a data disclosure system is that it helps to improve efficiency and, as a consequence, saves costs. Gathering and organizing information for disclosure […]

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LIMA Data Retention

LIMA12 January 2023

LIMA Data Retention, a customer use case Our customers are faced with a legal obligation to facilitate in data retention with a reasonable response time (Service operators)  or, on the other end, challenged with doing analytics on criminal activities (governmental agencies). For these customers, we have deployed LIMA data retention solutions covering the service provider […]

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Data disclosure in cloud environments

LIMA6 January 2023

As a manager for corporate security tasked with legal compliance, you are probably used to getting confronted with high costs for data retention storage solutions. Especially in today’s times of data growth and increasing compliance and data disclosure demands. For general storage solutions, Cloud storage is nowadays a logical choice when needing a cost-effective and […]

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