LIMA 5G Identity Lookup Architecture

LIMA23 January 2024

In 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) have relied on the use of so-called IMSI catchers to assist in search-and-rescue operations and to track persons of interest. An IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) is associated with the SIM in a mobile phone and uniquely identifies that SIM. Whereas this IMSI could be […]

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From a LIMA ticket to a LIMA fix

LIMA6 July 2023

All incidents, questions, or potential enhancement requests can be reported by e-mail or by phone to the Group 2000 Customer Care Support Desk. Our team is fully equipped and ready to provide 24/7 support for all those who choose to use our Maintenance & Support services. All incoming requests are registered in our system and […]

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Quality approach QMC

LIMA19 June 2023

Our approach to software quality and security Software quality and security are two essential aspects of the development of any piece of LIMA software. However, ensuring that the LIMA software meets the desired quality and security standards can be challenging, especially when working with large and complex codebases, distributed teams, and frequent changes. This is […]

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Group 2000 cares about compliance: LIMA

LIMA15 June 2023

In the field of telecommunication, lawful investigation companies and law enforcement agencies are increasingly confronted with privacy legislation and data protection laws and/or to demonstrate that the intelligence gathered is proportional and rightful. On the other hand, there are legal obligations like Lawful Interception and Lawful Disclosure to LEAs that must be implemented too in […]

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LIMA Academy

LIMA1 June 2023

LIMA Academy provides a full range of training courses aimed at providing participants with the knowledge required to use, administrate and maintain Group 2000 LIMA solutions successfully. The courses are given at the Group 2000 training facility in Almelo, the Netherlands but can also be given as a webinar or on-site training. An intake will […]

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The creation of a workflow

LIMA30 April 2023

The LIMA solutions, in general, focus on executing requests from authorities to telecommunication providers like i.e., interception or lawful disclosure requests. The requests are administrated in and executed from the LIMA Management System. The goal is to get the job done as quickly as possible with the least possible effort from the operator using the […]

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Onboarding of LIMA customers till successful acceptance

LIMA24 April 2023

Onboarding LIMA customers is a critical process that sets the stage for a long and successful relationship. It is the first step in building a partnership that will benefit you (LIMA Customer), us (Group 2000 B.V.), and the organization. Successful onboarding requires a combination of factors, including successful integration, strong cooperation, knowledge of technology and […]

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Customer project results (customer benefits)

LIMA13 April 2023

In the world of changing technology and changing infrastructure, our customers are challenged on a day-by-day basis. Small changes in the network can have a big impact on the regulatory side and, as a result, require modifications to the core infrastructure and backend. For us in the Customer Operations division within Group 2000,  we embrace […]

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Handling Electronic Warrants in Data Retention

LIMA9 March 2023

Nowadays, authorities request telecommunication providers more and more to provide them with retained communication and subscriber data for legal purposes. These requests pose a significant burden on both telecommunication providers and lawful authorities handling the warrants. In earlier days, this required quite an amount of effort as handling these requests was mostly manual work consisting […]

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From purchase order, to onboarding, project management and delivery

LIMA15 February 2023

One of the core activities of Group 2000 is the implementation of LIMA projects in general and the implementation of LIMA customer projects in particular. Customer projects can vary from complete new LIMA deployments of one of the Group 2000 platforms, up to adding of new functionality to previously provided solutions, or the co-creation with […]

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Benefits for legal officers: Data disclosure system

LIMA19 January 2023

A data disclosure system for legal officers in the telecommunication domain can provide a number of benefits that can help to improve efficiency and demonstrate compliance. One of the main benefits of a data disclosure system is that it helps to improve efficiency and, as a consequence, saves costs. Gathering and organizing information for disclosure […]

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LIMA Data Retention

LIMA12 January 2023

LIMA Data Retention, a customer use case Our customers are faced with a legal obligation to facilitate in data retention with a reasonable response time (Service operators)  or, on the other end, challenged with doing analytics on criminal activities (governmental agencies). For these customers, we have deployed LIMA data retention solutions covering the service provider […]

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Data disclosure in cloud environments

LIMA6 January 2023

As a manager for corporate security tasked with legal compliance, you are probably used to getting confronted with high costs for data retention storage solutions. Especially in today’s times of data growth and increasing compliance and data disclosure demands. For general storage solutions, Cloud storage is nowadays a logical choice when needing a cost-effective and […]

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Don’t let the new 5G SA Privacy Features stop you from catching IMSIs

LIMA21 June 2021

This is the title of the webcast which we as Group 2000 have presented last Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 on the ISS World Training, facilitated by Telestrategies. We have shared the various avenues, to continue to collect off-air intelligence. Some technologies are based on jamming or with the support of our LIMA 5G CellPro platform. […]

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European Telecommunications Standards Institute

LIMA12 July 2019

One of the Technical Committees of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is responsible for developing standards that support the technical requirements of national and international obligations for law enforcement: the Technical Committee on Lawful Interception (TC-LI).

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What do we aspire in Europe?

LIMA12 January 2019

Everybody working in Telecom and IT knows that developments are going faster and faster. We have only just gotten used to 4G and then the auction for 5G is on the doorstep and the technology for 6G with speeds that literally make us dizzy is already partly conceived.

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