One of the core activities of Group 2000 is the implementation of LIMA projects in general and the implementation of LIMA customer projects in particular.

Customer projects can vary from complete new LIMA deployments of one of the Group 2000 platforms, up to adding of new functionality to previously provided solutions, or the co-creation with the customer of a custom-made solution.

During the sales process, the scope and requirements of the new LIMA solution are aligned with the customer. If the sales phase is successfully concluded with the provision of a purchase order, the execution phase of the project will start.

The first step in this phase is to organize both an internal and external kick-off. During the internal kick-off, the scope, requirements, and expectations of the customer are shared with the designated dedicated project team. At the external kick-off, the introduction of the project team takes place, and together with the customer, the project plan, project conditions, and coordination are determined. This is the structure for the successful implementation of the LIMA project. Regular meetings will monitor the progress during the project phase and identify deviations from the project plan.

If hardware is needed, the ordering of the hardware components will be done as soon as possible to prevent any delay in the project planning. After delivery of the hardware, the internal composition and configuration of the solution take place. In case of project-specific functionality is needed, the implementation hereof will also be done during this phase. Following the agile way of work, regular demos of the implemented project-specific functionality will be given to meet your need. This has proven to be a very effective and constructive way to achieve that need. Details with respect to the custom-made solution will be collected in the project definition document or high-level design document.

Shipment of our solutions takes place all over the world and will be installed either by ourselves or by one of our trusted and trained local partners. Once the solution is delivered, and the optional hardware installation has taken place, the integration of the solution into the customer network can be completed. This is one of the most crucial and critical phases in the execution of the project. Good coordination and technical interaction are required, in particular when other vendors are also involved. Therefore skilled project engineers from Group 2000 can take care of in-depth analysis and make sure that the LIMA solution is implemented smoothly and seamlessly.

To get a clear overview of the structure and configuration of the customer network, LIMA solution-specific questionnaires are created and shared with you. In these questionnaires, all relevant details with respect to the configuration and construction of the customer network are included. In this way, a structured approach and straightforward integration of the solution into the customer’s network is achieved. After successful completion of the integration phase, functional and acceptance testing will be done in cooperation with you, proving the project has delivered a fully working LIMA solution that meets no exceeds your requirements.

The acceptance of the project will be confirmed by the Delivery Acceptance Statement which gives a clear overview of all delivered components and services. Signing by both, you and Group 2000, will conclude the acceptance of the LIMA solution and project.

The final step in the project phase is in the internal handover to the Group 2000 Customer Care department who are responsible for the maintenance and support of the provided solution during the lifetime of the solution.

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