In the field of telecommunication, lawful investigation companies and law enforcement agencies are increasingly confronted with privacy legislation and data protection laws and/or to demonstrate that the intelligence gathered is proportional and rightful. On the other hand, there are legal obligations like Lawful Interception and Lawful Disclosure to LEAs that must be implemented too in order to comply with the law in the country. Compliance with legislation has become a balancing act.

Legal compliance is the process of adhering to the complex procedures that are put in place to ensure this balancing act is performed correctly. Compliance involves knowing and understanding the legislation that applies to the organization and proving that the business and its entities comply at all times and in the right matter.

This involves:

  • Policies and procedures in the company
  • Supplying evidence of adhering to legislation
  • Implement international and local technical standards
  • The retention of historical communication data and disclosure of data to law enforcement agencies.

LIMA, Group 2000’s brand of Lawful Interception and Lawful Disclosure solutions, helps telecommunication companies to be compliant with legal processes as follows:

  1. Roll-based access to data
  2. Full ledger of activities performed on the data, both for human activities as well as for automated processing of intercepted data or disclosed data
  3. Workflow support to enforce procedures, like a four-eye principle

To further increase our offering of LIMA compliance products, we are active in technical standardisation institutes like ETSI TC-LI, and we have strategic alliances with companies active in the regulatory compliance market.

The iTrust6ATM proposition is a fine example of how these alliances may help your company to be compliant to legislation in a demonstratable way and….to avoid any fines raised by the auditing institutes.


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