The best way to explain the vision of SLA management at Group 2000 is a Dutch saying that roughly translates to: “Having the feeling of being at the right address.” We aim to provide this experience to all our much-appreciated customers and believe this is where we excel and differentiate from others.

This starts with having skilled engineers at the ready for each service request we receive from our customers. These skills exceed knowing how to respond in a polite manner and focus on being familiar with each of the customers’ implementation and way of working. A solid understanding of our solution by our support engineers ensures smooth and timely resolution of service requests.

To achieve these skills, we work closely with our software developers, allowing for short communication lines. Keeping everything as close to the operation as possible. Highly detailed project transfers during transition to production are key to getting our engineers familiar with the customer solution. In parallel, the SLA manager and Director of support take care of the support intake, which translates the SLAs into a WLAs/OLAs to ensure the SLAs are secured.

To make sure our engineers are allowed to work as efficiently as possible, tooling and processes are in place and continuously improved to serve our and your needs:

  • Respond in a timely manner
  • Prioritize service requests
  • Escalate service requests to Development
  • Distribute service requests to the correct teams

Evaluation of the operation and information about what the future brings on a frequent basis is the cherry on top to ensure our vision about SLA management. This is done by taking the time to meet our customers (with Gold SLA agreements)in the form of Operational Review Meetings in which we evaluate the status of the current solution and what solution lifecycle opportunities are available. Next to this, the current service request, as well as the closed service requests, are reviewed to ensure correct handling. And last but not least, we ask for feedback interactively. In our opinion, this yields the most valuable feedback.

All the above processes result in providing assurance to our customers and help us focus on what’s most important.

Your architects in safety and intelligence.



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