A customer journey from onboarding till acceptance

Group 20007 November 2023

The supplier onboarding process helps to create a formal relationship between customers and Group 2000, enabling both partners to understand expectations and implement the necessary requirements. It also helps to manage compliance and mitigate risks by conducting due diligence, verifying legal and regulatory adherence, and evaluating financial stability. There are many reasons for a good […]

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Group 200028 September 2023

Telecommunication services have become an integral part of our lives enabling global communication. We rely on them for voice calls, messaging, internet access, and more. To ensure seamless connectivity, interoperability among telecom providers is crucial. Interoperability is the ability of different telecom networks, services, and devices to work together effectively. It enables customers from different […]

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Global footprint and global support

Group 200021 September 2023

Group 2000, headquartered in the Netherlands provides quite a remarkable global footprint and we are proud to have become a trusted partner for many organizations worldwide, offering cutting-edge solutions and unwavering support. This is not something that happened overnight, it has taken years of hard work and dedication whilst focussing on helping all our customers […]

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Group 2000 27k processes

Group 200014 September 2023

In an increasingly interconnected world, where data breaches and cyber threats are becoming more prevalent, organizations are seeking ways to fortify their information security measures. ISO 27001, is a globally recognized standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and offers a robust framework to protect sensitive data and ensure business continuity. This blog post provides […]

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Leading the Way in LIMA Lawful Intercept Solutions

Group 200031 August 2023

Leading the Way in LIMA Lawful Intercept Solutions: Embracing 40 Years of Excellence, Collaborative Innovation, and the Advantages of a Privately-Owned Company In the realm of LIMA Lawful Intercept solutions, the choice of a partner goes beyond just a business decision – it’s about security, ethics, and trust. With an unwavering commitment spanning over four […]

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From idea to a LIMA architecture

Group 200029 August 2023

Sometimes an idea for a LIMA solution or LIMA product springs to mind that may potentially solve an existing problem. In order to understand what is needed to implement this idea and to know whether it is feasible, the idea needs to be further examined. This starts with understanding the essence of the idea: What […]

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Our vision about SLA management

Group 20008 June 2023

The best way to explain the vision of SLA management at Group 2000 is a Dutch saying that roughly translates to: “Having the feeling of being at the right address.” We aim to provide this experience to all our much-appreciated customers and believe this is where we excel and differentiate from others. This starts with […]

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As a customer, you have influence on our LIMA roadmap

Group 200025 May 2023

Introduction: In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of software development, companies like Group 2000 are continuously striving to meet the dynamic needs and expectations of their customers. With a strong focus on customer-centricity, Group 2000 recognizes the pivotal role that its customers and partners play in shaping the direction of our roadmap. In this blog post, […]

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Group 2000 Environmental Management System (EMS)

Group 200015 May 2023

In recent years, a more increased focus has been needed for all of us to operate in an environmentally responsible way. To help identify and manage the environmental impacts within Group 2000, we have set up a Group 2000 Environmental Management System (EMS), which not only helps us to manage these impacts but also allows […]

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Dedicated project management

Group 200015 May 2023

For our clients, installation of a new LIMA LI platform or an adjustment – expansion of your current LIMA LI solution is always a sensitive issue. Due to the nature of LIMA LI solutions, information regarding your requirements, the right installation procedures, upcoming activities, and system usage is most often on a need-to-know basis. As […]

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Group 2000: Processes behind the scenes

Group 200016 March 2023

R&D security scans This digital era has led to new innovations which changed the way we use technology for both business as personal use. The continuously growing performance result in more and more data being produced, handled, and stored. In that fast-changing world, security has gotten a more and more prominent role. In this blog […]

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Supplier selection processes

Group 200010 June 2021

When it comes to supplier selection processes either for new customers or expansions for your current customers the bottom line is that companies ought to act, no better must act like it is a beauty contest. In a lot of cases and based on years of analysis they, unfortunately, do not… Regular supplier behavior (in […]

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Partner selection expectations and reality

Group 20002 February 2021

How often reading (interesting) articles and blogs do we encounter an inexhaustible summary of all the advantages of a solution or a product? All the advantages and especially technical specifications come forward in the hope (of a supplier) of convincing customers (you!) to ultimately award an order to the supplying company. From our perspective, this […]

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