Group 2000, headquartered in the Netherlands provides quite a remarkable global footprint and we are proud to have become a trusted partner for many organizations worldwide, offering cutting-edge solutions and unwavering support. This is not something that happened overnight, it has taken years of hard work and dedication whilst focussing on helping all our customers and partners to excel in what they do best, wherever they may be located.

Group 2000, founded in 1979, started as a small company in the Netherlands. Over the years, our commitment to excel and improve customer satisfaction propelled us to expand our operations internationally. Today, we deliver our LIMA solutions all over the world and provide round-the-clock support across all different time zones.

With solutions provided worldwide, Group 2000 has successfully established a strong global footprint. Through the years we have learned to adapt to an ever-changing world and do our upmost best to meet unique needs of all our customers. Where needed we work closely together with local partners and expertise, which ensures that we are able to provide effective support and cater to clients’ specific requirements on a global scale as well.

One of the key pillars of Group 2000’s success is our commitment to provide exceptional global support and try to improve each and every single day. Our team of support engineers and developers are highly skilled professionals who ensure that our customers receive quick and personalized assistance whenever needed. Whether it’s troubleshooting technical issues, offering guidance during implementation, or providing training, Group 2000 goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. We do our best to keep an effective and customer-centric approach and by doing so we hope to engage in long-term partnerships based on trust and reliability.

Group 2000’s journey from a small Dutch company to a global player is a testament to our commitment to innovation and how we truly want to help our customers. As we continue to evolve, we also interact closely with our customers seeking improvements on how we can better our support and appreciate it when our customers help shape the future on how we work together. If you are interested in what we have to offer or maybe if you have any suggestions on how Group 2000 could improve, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your suggestions.

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