For our clients, installation of a new LIMA LI platform or an adjustment – expansion of your current LIMA LI solution is always a sensitive issue. Due to the nature of LIMA LI solutions, information regarding your requirements, the right installation procedures, upcoming activities, and system usage is most often on a need-to-know basis. As your architects in safety and intelligence, we understand this, where all information is handled with the greatest care. This means that as a Group 2000 project manager, I want to support our customers as best we can by providing them with all the information they need about the solution in the orchestra to let them experience our thought and communicative way of working. We advise you we take care of your concerns and share the knowledge and best practices that we have gained through our years of experience globally. We have deployed and refined our solution based on our continuous development and the requirements of our customers.

For me, dedicated project management means being open and honest with you as a trusted client. By having a good understanding of the agreed project scope and your specific situation, I am in the best position to advise on timelines, challenges, 3rd party dependencies, and upcoming activities. Any successful project will start and end with alignment, hence intensive and successful communication. I, therefore, always strive to be accurate and detailed when communicating with you regarding the current project status and upcoming activities. By thinking not only about our own activities but also about the activities on your side, we sincerely help you to claim the right resources and plan for upcoming activities.

My approach for a project: I act based on a partnership and understand that your success is my success,  not as a client versus supplier process. Together think about the activities and needs of both sides, which gives us the best base for exceeding our goal within a set time frame. More importantly, it sets a solid foundation for the rest of our cooperation, as the implementation phase is just the start of the relationship. I pride myself in delivering projects within the set parameters with you and satisfying you with the delivered result and cooperation. A project is not successful nor completed without these two items in place.

If you would like to know more about LIMA products or how Group 2000 can support your organization in fulfilling your LI obligations, then we would love to tell you more about ourselves and our dedicated way of client support.

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