Working with Group 2000 for lawful interception and data retention

LIMA Lawful Intercept11 December 2023

Working with Group 2000 for lawful interception and data retention makes a ton of sense. LIMA Lawful Intercept LIMA Lawful Intercept is a product by Group 2000 that provides a comprehensive solution for lawful interception (LI) of telecommunication services. It’s a crucial platform for law enforcement and intelligence agencies worldwide, facilitating investigations and prosecutions of […]

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LIMA Data Retention Cloud

News31 October 2022

Nowadays, Cloud storage is a logical choice when there is a need for a cost-effective and scalable storage solution for legal compliance purposes like data disclosure requests. In addition to Cloud storage, it delivers speed, reliability, and security. These features are very attractive when creating a Data Retention solution in the cloud. After all, storing […]

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Workflow Management for security departments

LIMA Lawful Intercept12 June 2020

For repetitive tasks, each click, each keystroke costs time. Fewer clicks and keystrokes increase efficiency. No one will debate that. Still, a lot of software applications are not designed with this simple principle in mind. Particularly, when a process is not standard for each organization or user. What is missing here is that within the […]

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