LIMA Data Retention Cloud

Data Retention31 October 2022

Nowadays, Cloud storage is a logical choice when there is a need for a cost-effective and scalable storage solution for legal compliance purposes like data disclosure requests. In addition to Cloud storage, it delivers speed, reliability, and security. These features are very attractive when creating a Data Retention solution in the cloud. After all, storing […]

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Cloud resiliency – why it matters

Data Retention20 April 2022

Nowadays, deploying services in the cloud has become common practice. Both public and private clouds are being applied, each with their own characteristics regarding scalability, security, privacy, reliability, costs, etc. This blog will focus on the resiliency of deployments in the cloud and how to take this into account when planning a deployment. Resiliency Resiliency […]

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EU initiatives strengthening the legal basis for Data Retention

Data Retention27 January 2022

Ever since the CJEU court ruling of April 8th, 2014, where the CJEU ruled that the validity of the Data Retention Directive 2006/24/EC is no longer valid, several initiatives have been taken to re-introduce a legal basis directly or indirectly on both national and European wide level. Some of these initiatives are based upon more recent […]

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