In the world of changing technology and changing infrastructure, our customers are challenged on a day-by-day basis. Small changes in the network can have a big impact on the regulatory side and, as a result, require modifications to the core infrastructure and backend.

For us in the Customer Operations division within Group 2000,  we embrace the challenges from our customers since it is fun to help solve problems that might seem inevitable. During the sales stage, the project will be outlined, and together with the customer the required hardware/software is chosen. Once the offer is converted to project, a dedicated project engineer is assigned to the project to work alongside the customer and make sure the project will be a success. Our customers value the accessibility of the engineers and the direct approach.

Customer Operations works in an agile environment allowing us to be flexible in planning and implementation. Due to the often large number of parties involved in the project and the dependencies between all of them, agility is needed in order to get the job done and remain in the driving seat at the same time. In the projects where software modifications are required, this also allows the customer to provide early feedback and if needed, adjustments to the initial plan. This way, even the smallest changes can lead to powerful innovation.

In the end stage of the project, where we deploy our solutions to the customer, everything comes together. The knowledge of the engineers, the cooperation with the customer and other involved parties, and last but not least, the excitement they have creating a working solution. Seeing the hard work transition into a solution that helps the customer do their work in a more efficient manner and with less expenses is the biggest reward you can get as a Customer Operations engineer.

Due to the success of the projects and the achievements our customers have with them, a long-term relationship often grows between the customer and the project engineer. Whenever new challenges arise, the customer easily finds his way to the technical experts, sometimes resulting in new projects. This way, our interactions with the customers are similar to our projects, agile, and flexible.

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