This is the title of the webcast which we as Group 2000 have presented last Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 on the ISS World Training, facilitated by Telestrategies.

We have shared the various avenues, to continue to collect off-air intelligence. Some technologies are based on jamming or with the support of our LIMA 5G CellPro platform. With LIMA CellPro governmental agencies are able to gather the necessary data from the MNO network in the 5G era and instruct the desired technologies to be available in the network on a specific antenna cell level only.

LIMA CellPro is a strategic network-based platform, correlates the off-air collected temporary and concealed IDs against a permanent subscriber ID (SUPI). The platform itself is modular, supporting various interfaces and network protocols that are required to reveal the permanent subscriber ID, which is useful for many governmental organizations to embed a possibility to continue the use of off-air intelligence.

This technology is not only used to reveal identities and locations,  it is also used to save lives in search and rescue missions, where it often provides the critical information to find a person who is in the need of aid or resolve potential threats at an early stage

If you are interested to get a better understanding of the various use cases and technology of LIMA Cellpro for your organization do not hesitate to approach us to request an individual presentation.

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