Group 2000 provided Forensic Analytics cutting-edge technology for successful G7 policing.

Our innovative LIMA solution aids Devon and Cornwall Police with summit security.

Devon and Cornwall Police have been, quite rightly, widely praised after the policing of the G7 summit in Cornwall last week went without a hitch. We can now reveal that some of our most innovative technology along with the technology of Forensic Analytics aided the force in this task.

As heads of state from around the world started to gather in Carbis Bay, Devon and Cornwall Police needed to conduct Radio Frequency Propagation Surveys (RFPSs) to build a full and clear picture of what was operating on air in the precise area of the summit at any particular time.

Forensic Analytics provided the force with LIMA radiofrequency Cell Monitors, built specifically to provide highly accurate law enforcement evidential scanning in real-time.

This hardware is easy-to-use, weatherproof, shockproof, and can be carried in a rucksack, providing flexibility, reliability, and capability like never before for fulfilling RF tasks. It emulates mobile handset behavior and can provide both idle and active mode surveying to accurately identify which cell is carrying a call.

Crucially, LIMA is 5G-ready, providing evidential quality data from 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G Cellular and Wi-Fi RF surveying, and its instant snapshot scanning function captures what is “on-air” across the full cellular spectrum.

Also, LIMA is capable of easy configuration – a game-changing capability for a multi-SIM RF survey solution. It was able to configure each of its 12 modems within seconds, something which RF surveyors have never been able to do.

For the G7 summit, LIMA operators selected four key and strategic locations where they could run a series of single-pass scans of all mobile networks and their respective Cellular technologies. Each scan took just 90 seconds to complete a picture from which operators could formulate a survey plan. The team then carried out a combination of drive and walking surveys, with LIMA Cell Monitors providing accurate and stable GPS location efficiency, tagging each Cellular measurement for plotting on a map.

The successful RF surveying of LIMA was matched by the ongoing capabilities of Forensic Analytics Cell Site Analysis Suite (CSAS). This tactical policing solution was able to simplify and visualise the data from the RF surveying instantly, saving crucial time for police during what was a complex operation during the G7 summit.

“CSAS handles many data sets, and can help pinpoint the most relevant data from cell-site records and rapidly analyse it to find patterns. This is done in seconds and results in fully fleshed-out evidence with a full audit trail. This is the technology of the future, here right now, and it is changing the face of modern policing.”

DC Mark Parfey of Devon & Cornwall Police said, “We surveyed four separate locations and their perimeters at the G7 summit, and LIMA’s ability to take measurements once per second per modem represents a great increase in the data we are now able to gather.”

“The scan feature is so useful because this gives an overview of the state of the radio environment and allows us to determine which cells are on air so we can now decide which cells to lock to if need be.”

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