On behalf of all Group 2000 staff, we are grateful for all the great and exceptional in-depth technology meetings we had with you in 2021. Due to your continuous trust and technology requests, you made it happen that we as a company are growing, and with the expanding installed base across the globe that we are able to support you to meet or exceed your goals related to legal compliance. We made your operation more efficient with our intelligent, robust, and well-designed (secure) platforms.

2021 was an exceptional year for all of us and in many aspects, COVID 19 has forced us all to take bold actions, to think offensive, to think and act positive (there is a better world on the other side of the mountain) and to undertake the right actions to stay safe (personal, your family and keeping your business healthy).

I want to thank you, thank you to take the time to explain your challenges, thank you to ask critical questions to all of our staff with regard to our services, and thank you for accepting all the great designs of the new functionality we have created for you as we are your architects in safety and intelligence.

For you, as a (mobile) telecommunication operator and law enforcement agency we continue our efforts and you have our unconditional commitment. We are side by side with you to join and support you in your mission.

2022: a new chapter, new challenges will arise, and new solutions to solve them are needed. Some highlights of our technology and functionality deliveries this year:

  • Our LIMA solutions are cloud, and NFV enabled (ready)
  • Our LIMA LI Mediator is able to scale to an unlimited amount of data, based on virtual and a stacked architecture
  • LIMA LI for RCS
  • LIMA LI for s8 homerouting
  • LIMA LI for static and dynamic 5G
  • LIMA LI identity look-up

For you we co-create, we innovate, we differentiate, in an ever-changing world. Happy holidays to all of you, and we are already looking forward to working along with all of you in 2022.

Richard J. Coppens
CEO Group 2000 B.V.


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