Legal compliance: The benefit of Warrant Management, Auditing, and Integrity check solutions

While in the past, it was sufficient for telecom providers to comply with telecom law and regulations to disclose customer data to law enforcement agencies, today concepts such as accountability (in- and external), transparency, and to have the right checks and balances in place to validate these requests also have an impact on security departments – legal officers to make sure that the right data is disclosed to the right agency and via the right process including all of the necessary controls.

To comply with telecom regulations, lawful Interception solutions are often technically driven. This approach ignores that it is often difficult to adopt a technically orientated solution and integrate it within organizational structures such as legal departments. Ultimately, interception solutions are based on regulation and whether to accept and execute a court order is a matter of the legal department. Hence the LIMA Management System has been designed as a true Warrant Management system from the outset, including workflow features, role, and security management to integrate and optimize it towards your organization and demands making sure that all the checks and balances are in place. Thus, avoiding regulatory penalties, saving costs and enhancing your service level both inside your organization and externally to the regulator.

Another aspect concerns auditing and integrity mechanisms as part of accountability and transparency processes. Namely, the subject of detecting technical issues, as well as human or unlawful activities that can become troublesome consequently.

Simplifying and automating the auditing process, increasing the assurance that (human) errors are avoided, including enhanced detection and security. This is how we have approached these issues and developed the LIMA Auditing Platform. This separated auditing system protects the service operator concerning multiple scenarios since even if interference on low-level network equipment is done, it is detected and reported. The reporting is typically done by a different group of employees. The LIMA Auditing Platform is a purpose build solution and can be used as an independent auditing solution in any LI environment and network.

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