Fast, faster, fast enough?

The appetite of consumers but also businesses for increased internet bandwidth is continuing to grow. Technology changes enable this and drive new use cases. Video streaming services are now more popular than ever, and eMBB is one of the early drivers of 5G.

The increased adoption of fiber to the home and the introduction of 5G networks is the next step in this trend. 1Gbps fiber connections are not uncommon anymore, and 5G can theoretically provide up to 10Gbps, although we are still far from reaching this point. With 5G being more adopted, the industry is already looking to its successor 6G, where they envision connection speeds 1000 times faster than with 5G.

As a CSP and Law Enforcement agency, these increased connection speeds create new opportunities but also challenges. In many countries, CSPs are obliged to lawfully intercept real-time communications of specific customers at the request of law enforcement. Their network infrastructure should copy this traffic and hand over the spoofed traffic to law enforcement. This process typically involves the need to mediate the traffic from one format to another format that is understood by the equipment of law enforcement (LEMF). And all this should happen in real-time.

With subscriptions offered of 1Gbps up to 5Gbps are now getting more and more common, the whole CSPs lawful interception chain from network equipment to LI mediation solution and handover to the LEMF(s) should be able to handle these throughputs without introducing any significant delays and not just for a single subscriber or target but for many to remain compliant with the legislation in place. Traditional lawful interception infrastructures can generally not handle these increased bandwidths, emphasizing the need to innovate and upgrade current deployed legacy solutions.

As Group 2000, your architects in safety and intelligence, we recognized this trend timely and have delivered our next generation and high-performance mediation solutions to the market. Our high-performance LI mediation solution can seamlessly scale up to handle throughputs of hundreds of Gbps. More importantly, it allows multiple high-speed connections through a single LI mediation instance.

The latter ensures that it can handle the interception of the most demanding type of subscriptions offered while minimizing the overall footprint of the solution, effectively reducing OPEX, CAPEX, and energy consumption.

Our cost-effective and high-performance LI mediation solution enables our customers to remain compliant with legislation when they start introducing high-speed subscriptions (e.g., eMBB) to their customers while not negatively impacting their competitiveness.

Do you want to learn more about our next-generation LIMA Lawful Intercept solutions? Feel free to contact Group 2000.

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