High bandwidth networks like fiber and eMBB (5G) put new requirements to a LIMA Lawful Interception solution.

With the high throughput data streams, the costs of processing this data increases in multiple segments of the entire LI chain. Not all data is relevant for an investigation however, E.g., Netflix and application and OS updates carry no user data. Filtering out high-bandwidth content such as streaming of (multi) media is more important than ever.

Existing LEMF equipment is often limited in the capability of filtering out data before long-term storage and before in-depth reconstruction takes place.

Group 2000 created a new LIMA High-Performance Mediator to address the high bandwidth requirements and is extending its impressive features with the LIMA IP Filtering solution which is a practical approach, based on the most recent ETSI standards, to filter the intercepted data based on layer 3 and 4 before the intercepted data is fed into the LEMF systems.



The LIMA Mediator is a modular design using Adapter modules. On the network side, Input-Adapters handle intercepted traffic. Likewise, on the output side, commonly used handover standards are implemented by Output-Adapters.

A third type of Adapter is supported between Input- and Output-Adapters. This is the module where the IP filtering takes place. Layer 3 and 4 filtering takes place in this IP Filtering module.

The filter rules are configured per warrant, and the ETSI HI1 interface extensions will be supported.


Flexible Deployment

When deployed as a Mediation Device, either at the CSP side or at the LEMF side, the LIMA Mediator is used for converting any proprietary IRI and CC into a standardized format, with an integrated IP Filter function.

The other possibility is to deploy the LIMA Mediator as an IP Filter function as a stand-alone device. In this case, the LIMA Mediators filter all ETSI TS 102-232 part 3 and part 7 data. In this modus, it can be deployed either at the CSP side or at the LEMF side.

The result? A flexible and cost-effective solution to reduce costs.

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