Leadership in the growing lawful interception market

The global lawful interception market is growing. Government initiatives to introduce or renew laws and regulations, requiring telecom operators and internet service providers to acquire, maintain and keep up-to-date solutions for authorized communication collection and delivery to law enforcement agencies, are increasing in many countries.

Lawful interception market growth drivers

Several drivers of market growth can be identified.

  1. Governments have an increasing need for monitoring and controlling communication data to effectively perform criminal investigations and successfully combat (cyber)crime and terrorist activities.
  2. Virtualization of networks and services require innovative lawful interception solutions to ensure telecom operators and internet service providers continue to be in regulatory compliance.
  3. Technological innovations (4G, 5G) force telecom operators and internet service providers to upgrade or renew their Lawful Interception solutions.

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Visionary Leadership

Our decades of continuous innovation, business agility, and independence have been recognized. A recent Markets & Markets report¹ lists Group 2000 as a global key vendor of lawful interception solutions and a visionary leader in the lawful interception market (see below).


Note: Key players have been estimated based on the breadth of offerings, features/functionalities, delivery, support, reach, channel, viability, roadmap, and inorganic growth strategies in the lawful interception market. Secondary research, along with in-depth primary interviews conducted with key industry leaders, has contributed to this analysis. Source: MarketsandMarkets – Lawful Interception market – global forecast to 2025, § 12.2



Source: MarketsandMarkets – lawful interception market – global forecast to 2025, page 101
¹ MarketsandMarkets, lawful interception market – global forecast to 2025, September 2020.


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