Many countries have adopted telecommunication and data retention laws and regulations for lawful interception and retention of communication data. Telecommunication companies and Governments must adhere to strict internal security protocols. Group 2000 compliance solutions are designed to ensure regulatory and corporate compliance. Group 2000’s compliance solutions, tools and consultancy enable you to manage, verify, monitor, control and audit all steps in the legal compliance process.


Group 2000 Compliance Solutions

Group 2000 is your expert in legal compliance, lawful interception, data retention and lawful disclosure. Decades years of experience and working closely with our global customers and partners result in todays comprehensive compliance product suite.

Our LIMA compliance solutions support all relevant global standards and specifications, as well as various specific national requirements.
As ETSI TC-LI member we are part of the changes and evolution of lawful interception standards.

LIMA compliance solutions ensure that you are ready to handle the ever increasing amount of legal interception and disclosure requests for all types of data, protocols and network types according to applicable laws and regulations.

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