Geolocation tracking

Having detailed location information of targeted Android smartphones, iPhones and other devices adds great value to criminal investigations and ensures compliance with governmental requirements for telecom operators. Geolocation tracking services should be easy to integrate with existing lawful interception or data retention platforms.

For any (geo)location tracking challenge you face we have the solution: LIMA Location Services.

LIMA Location Services

LIMA Location Services is part of the LIMA product suite and consists of a LIMA Location Tracking application and a LIMA Location Server. As an add-on to the LIMA Management System, the LIMA Location Tracking application inherits all the purpose-built functionality and security features required for regulatory applications.

The location of interception targets can be tracked on-demand or with predefined intervals from an intuitive GUI.

The location tracking solution for any network

LIMA Location Services can be deployed complementary to lawful interception where the mandatory location data is not available through their network.

Thanks to its flexible architecture, MNO’s and MVNO’s benefit from an easy and affordable deployment of LIMA Location Services to enhance Lawful Interception data with required location information.

LIMA Location Services can be applied in any mobile network and offers a genuine vendor-independent location solution at a very attractive price.

Key benefits

  • On-demand and scheduled location tracking.
  • Provides access to location information for MVNO’s and MNO’s.
  • Flexible architecture, easy integration with other location information systems.
  • Consistent user experience with other LIMA applications.
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