Modular Mediation Product

The main function of the LIMA Mediator is to convert intercepted traffic into a format suitable for delivery to the national authorities (LEMF). A major strength of the LIMA mediator is its modularity, which is designed around a general lawful interception controller and one or more input and output adapters. The LIMA Mediator input adapters receive intercepted metadata and content (IRI and CC) from the various network equipment. Subsequently, this data is mediated and handed over through the output adapter towards each of the Law Enforcement Monitoring Facilities (LEMF). Group 2000 offers a Standard-Performance Mediator and High-Performance Mediator. The latter to meet the performance needs of FTTH and 5G network environments.

LIMA Mediator Input Adapters

Input Adapters handle intercepted X2 (IRI or CDC) and X3 (CC or CCC) traffic. LIMA Mediator has an extensive library of Input Adapters available, which allow integration with most network equipment commonly found in Telecom and ISP networks. Many adapters have been factory-tested with the Network Equipment vendors.


LIMA Mediator Output Adapters

On the output side, mediation services are supported for all commonly used handover standards, implemented by Output Adapters. Many handover protocols are supported by LIMA Mediator.

VoLTE S8 HomeRouting (S8HR)

For support of VoLTE S8 HomeRouting the LIMA Mediator can be extended with an LMISF component and an optional probe to support both active as well passive interception of VoLTE Roaming traffic.

5G Mediation Solution

Group 2000’s High-Performance Mediator supports 5G wireless SA standard architecture. For low-effort integration with 5G network equipment, the latest generation of standard 5G X-interfaces are supported by the LIMA Mediator. To control the outbound bandwidth needs in a 5G environment, the LIMA Mediator provides the capability for layer-3 and layer-4 black- / whitelist filtering. The performance of our High-Performance Mediator has been benchmarked for up to 10 Gigabit per second per Mediation instance.

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