Telecommunication operators are obliged by law to have a lawful interception solution in place. And depending on the local law the same applies to a legal disclosure or data retention solution. As societies, the law, technology and the amount of data and variety of data changes, there it is a must for telecommunication carriers to ensure the reliability of the data as requested by the law and the applicable law enforcement agencies. Group 2000 provides you with the software, tools and consultancy, which enables you to verify, manage, monitor, control and audit all steps in the security process to ensure your compliance. With our tooling we ensure that you are ready to handle the ever increasing amount of legal interception requests and legal disclosure requests and for all types of data, protocols and carrier networks.

Group 2000 is specialized to ensure both your internal and your external compliance. Internal compliance according to your information security processes and external compliance with the legal stakeholders in your domain like e.g. law enforcement agencies and the telecommunication regulatory agency. Our approach is transparent for your organization, technological efficient and trouble-free to maintain. And because our policy enables you to annually upgrade the LIMA platforms to the latest major upgrade there is no need to re-invest in upgrades. Any investment in LIMA makes you future proof as our platforms easily adapt to changes in your organization, your processes or your network without the need for significant additional investments.

LIMA compliance process automation for security and legal affairs

LIMA compliance process automation is our unique ability to fully tailor your LIMA solution to your processes. Our philosophy is simple and rational. The application is flexible and designed for your organization. The application is financial friendly as we do not need to calculate significant costs for the tailoring of the application. As transparency is fully embedded in our organization, we provide you with transparent and open calculations which ensures that you can make the right decision with a clear view on the functional deliverables. If there is a need for advice and consultancy this will be provided by us; supporting you to optimize the current processes in order to achieve even greater efficiency and consequently less recurring costs.


LIMA compliance process automation enriches your department and responsibilities and is a valuable solution for your organization. Even when you already have an operational lawful interception and / or data retention solution, our LIMA compliance process automation will be a valuable add-on by providing you with a single user interface, including all details like checks, logs, reports, billing, and validation measures. Through our structured, uniform method and tooling, we optimize the total cost of ownership for your environment and make sure that your department is ready for the future.

Cost-efficient compliance

LIMA compliance process automation enables you to tailor your existing compliance solutions to your operational processes; increases the efficiency and reduces the costs of your security department. You can choose for a full LIMA solution or use LIMA as a valuable extension on your current lawful interception and legal disclosure solution.

Superior user experience

LIMA compliance process automation simplifies, structures and secures your legal and data disclosure processes. We ensure that all required checks and balances of your organization and external stakeholders are embedded by providing a single entry point for entering and managing legal and data disclosure requests. All combined with tailored dashboards, reporting, and billing features. LIMA is offering you a superior user experience, enhanced efficiency and an optimized TCO.

Future proof

A choice for LIMA is a choice for a firm and steady platform. LIMA is a promise, enabling you to make sure that you are compliant year over year despite new legal requirements and despite new technology in your network. With LIMA we ensure that your platform is healthy, ensuring unparalleled support and annual major upgrades to the latest software version along with in depth training programs for you and your staff.


As Group 2000 we offer a vast range of services in order to support your organization and embed your valuable feedback in our platforms. Whether it is consultancy, architectural designs, SLA, management, managed services or following a training course in one of our LIMA Academy training facilities, it is our daily intention and effort to support your organization’ growth and to support you in your business.