Scanning the radio spectrum brings a wealth of information which can be beneficial for law enforcement. For this reason, the law enforcement toolset already contains a number of tactical sensing devices. One of the challenges is that most of these sensors require expert knowledge and that they

often suffer from robustness due to the need for external antennas. Group 2000 has developed two robust sensors with a small form factor, which can be used by law enforcement without the need for specific domain knowledge or training.

Reveal accurate cell coverage

Information on the actual cell coverage in mobile networks is very valuable. It provides authorities with more precise information on the whereabouts of the cell phone for criminal investigations. Typically such information is provided by the mobile operators using their Radio Planning System. However, this information is often based on a theoretical model rather than the actual coverage.


The LIMA Cell Monitor is a rich-featured device which measures actual coverage and making law enforcement independent from mobile operators for obtaining cell coverage information. For crime scene investigation purposes, the LIMA Cell Monitor provides an expert modus, where a single expert can manage multiple complex network measurements remotely throughout the country. LIMA Cell Monitor, making complex network measurements easy, and efficient.


Multi-operator, multi-network robust sensors in a small form factor. Supports 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks.

Easy to use, with expert features

Our LIMA Cell Monitor do not require any training and can work completely autonomously. For expert users, the expert modus enables complex measurements and detailed analyses of the data provided.

Future proof

Due to its modular design, LIMA Cell Monitor is fully prepared for the introduction of new technologies, like 5G or other dedicated networks.


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